Lot 90 – Full Weekertoft Catalogue (physical & digital)

Current highest bid: £150.00

Thank you to Paul G Smyth who havs kindly contributed a copy of every in print title in his Weekertoft catalogue to the auction, as well as a copy of the full digital catalogue.

Included here is the entire physical and digital back catalogue from Weekertoft, the label for
improvised music founded by John Russell and Paul G. Smyth: 7 CDs, 2 cassettes (with
download codes for all) and 6 digital-only releases, including the 6-and-a-half-hour
document of Discovery Festival 2017.

Mopomoso Tour 2013 – ‘Making Rooms’ 4CD box set with 20-page booklet

Disc 1 – Evan Parker / John Russell / John Edwards – Chasing The Peripanjandra

Disc 2 – Pat Thomas – Solo Piano – Naqsh

Disc 3 – Alison Blunt / Benedict Taylor / David Leahy – Knottings

Disc 4 – Kay Grant / Alex Ward – Seven Cities

Paul G. Smyth / Chris Corsano – ‘Psychic Armour’ CD

Alex Ward – ‘Proprioception’ CD

Evan Parker / Paul G. Smyth – ‘Calenture and Light Leaks’ CD

Rachel Musson / Olie Brice – ‘Tapering Arms Point Into The Wind’ cassette

JJ Duerinckx / John Russell / Matthieu Safatly – ‘Serpentes’ cassette

Paul G. Smyth – ‘The Warning Signs’ download

Ken Ikeda / John Russell / Eddie Prévost – ‘In Search of Wasabi’ download

Chris Burn / Matthew Hutchinson – ‘Rev, Cook and Out’ download

John Russell / Paul G. Smyth – ‘Ditch School’ download

Discovery Festival 2017 – ‘Channel’ download

Evan Parker / Paul G. Smyth – ‘The Dogs of Nile’ download

Online bidding ends at 11:59pm BST on 13th April 2020. There will no longer be a live room auction. We will contact anyone who has won on the 14th of April. Winners can either collect in person or have their item posted to them, though unfortunately due to the current situation we are unable to do this immediately. We will be in touch as soon as OTO is open again and we are able to post items or arrange a collection. Thank you.