Lot 113 – Triple Negative Bundle

Current highest bid: £125.00

Thank you to Triple Negative for this original and generous bundle, entitled "Distress or alarm, causing distress or alarm package". It includes:

- original Dio Boia artwork (13 x 14.5 cm, ink, coloured pencil & collage on

- Dio Boia cdr (+.wav file sent on request) in sleeve with additional original
ink/coloured pencil artwork

- Precious Waste In Our Wake LP test pressing in 1-off collage sleeve

- God Bless the Death Drive LP

- Towers, Open, Fire / Looking for Business 7-inch single

- Heliogabalus [clinical wasteman (The Mean Streaks, Philosophie Queen, Triple Negative etc)+David Mitchell (Exploding Budgies, Goblin Mix, Plagal Grind, 3Ds, The Mean Streaks, Evil etc)] /VAW [Cameron Bain (Supercar, Constant Pain, The Knives, The Mean Streaks, The Hung Jury,Vukojebina etc)] split LP (Difficult Fun, 2005)

- Original Heliogabalus/VAW LP sleeve artwork by c.w & D.M (30 x 30 cm, ink/collage on paper)

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