Lot 23 – Pattern Dissection 5 limited edition posters

Current highest bid: £75.00

Thanks to Stefan and Christoph from Pattern Dissection in Berlin for sending us 5 limited edition posters made for gigs organised in Berlin. 

1 x A2 screen print for Webster / Lisle / Kaluza, designed by Espacioblanco in Vienna
1 x A2 screen printed poster for Blunt / Lisle / Chino, designed by Buro Bum Bum in Berlin
1 x A2 digital poster for Kodian Trio, Cactus Truck & Kaluza / Rupp / Suchar, with a drawing by Jan Schoof
1 x A2 screen print for Webster / Holub, designed by Oli Pitt in Glasgow
1 x A3 risograph for Amadou / Kosack / Narvesen, designed by Pattern Dissection
Pattern Dissection is a monthly radio show on Cashmere Radio in Berlin, focusing on free jazz and improvised music. They also organise gigs and are hoping to start their own label this year. patterndissection.org  

Online bidding ends at 11:59pm BST on 13th April 2020. There will no longer be a live room auction. We will contact anyone who has won on the 14th of April. Winners can either collect in person or have their item posted to them, though unfortunately due to the current situation we are unable to do this immediately. We will be in touch as soon as OTO is open again and we are able to post items or arrange a collection. Thank you.