Lot 112 – Old Heaven Books Tote, LPs, cassettes & CDs

Current highest bid: £130.00

Thanks again to Old Heaven Books who just donated this lovely bundle of new releases, all held in an Old Heaven tote!

A copy of both CD and LP format of OH 016 |  Guo Yongzhang Zhuizi Selections (LP limited to 300 copies)

"Born in 1945, Guo Yongzhang is a true maestro of Henan Zhuizi, a traditional Chinese talking-singing art that has a history of over 100 years. Almost blind, he plays Zhuihu and Zhuibang to accompany his own singing. His vocal style is peculiar, resounding yet smooth, adopting various types of arias from traditional local operas such as Shandong Bangzi and Shandong Zaobang, and he always sings with deep feelings and great verve."

A copy of both CD and LP format of OH 017 | TOMORROW FESTIVAL SERIES | Keiji Haino - 'The Meaning of Blackness More Decorous than Duty Having become faster than everything a smile that was never birthed into the light' (LP limited to 300 copies)

Recorded at B10 Live, Shenzhen, China 2016.5.15 Keiji Haino solo concert at the 3rd Tomorrow Festival.

A copy of OH 018 on cassette | MC | LOFT JAZZ SERIES | Masayo Koketsu / Lao Dan /  Li Daiguo /  Deng Boyu - II Buring Bookshop II

Limited to 300 copies
Recorded at Old Heaven Books, Shenzhen, China 2019.10.19
Jam session at Old Heaven Books during the 9th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival

A copy of OH 019 on cassette| MC | TOMORROW FESTIVAL SERIES | Blurt -CUT IT! LIVE!

Limited to 300 copies

Recorded at B10 Live, Shenzhen, China 2017.5.19 Blurt concert at the 4th Tomorrow Festival


size: 40cm*42cm
fabric: canvas
color: black and ivory
woodcut: ??? Liu Qingyuan
designer:  Taki

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