Lot 124 – Holly Antrum Screenprint

Current highest bid: £300.00

Thanks so much to Holly Antrum for this donation!

Holly Antrum
Marianne at the table listening to the coloured bark of a poplar tree
4-colour lithograph and screenprint
Somerset paper (smooth heavyweight acid-free fine art printmaking paper)
77 x 103 cm
Edition 8 of 15

This print came out of a body of printed work Holly Antrum made as a studio series in 2010-2011 - where she cultivated an ecology of layered materials and imagery that could be rearranged in an ongoing cycle of hybrid, mixed media prints. These stayed analogue but constantly intersected digital processes at the same time. The body of work was characterised through her lens-based work meeting her drawings and art historical references. The process, she says, was about "enjoying the 'noise' of different print processes and staying open to the accumulated material suggesting the next steps of the new material I would go on to make" - such as a medium-format photograph she took of collected pieces of curved poplar bark, coloured with thick pastels. The photograph became the 4-colour litho element of this work, and the plate edge, telling of manual process, has been left on the right side of the print. A further figurative woodcut based on a Marianne Breslauer photograph was scanned and laid on top as a black screen-printed layer. The improvised and open cutaway marks allow a window through to the print dots and bark textures below.

Holly Antrum adds, "At the time I had one-off access to some extravagant facilities to produce print and these no longer exist, let alone together in one place. This edition has extra value given that the ephemera I generated the work through, and the means of their reproduction, would be impossible to recreate now! This idea of listening between layers is still important to me and I continue to find that in other ways through the Cafe OTO programme... I am really glad I could donate something that feels relevant to the emergency fundraiser and to support its future."

Please note: the print will be packaged in a large flat card folio and wrapped in tissue. It shouldn't be rolled up, so we do advise collection from OTO for the winning bidder.

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