Lot 59 – Anne Bean & Paul Burwell – Low Flying Aircraft 7"

Current highest bid: £110.00

Huge thanks to Anne Bean & Paul Burwell for donating this rare 7" released on PULp

"In 1979, PULp MUSIC released a single Low Flying Aircraft which we wanted to make ‘transformative’ as opposed to keeping it as a static artifact, as well as anonymaus. We did this by continually changing the packaging from a completely blank record and cover through various physical interventions, including gold sealing wax, to simply writing DISC on the record and COVER on the sleeve, as well as performing with the record on several occasions." - Anne Bean 

“‘PULp did it. Mass vivisection as the music rips through the skin and pokes around in the innards. Two figures thrash a huge wall of gongs, drums and cymbals. A sudden voice seeming to have an alien organic existence of its own is forced from its breeding grounds. Amplification, distortion and feedback jaggedly build up. A tape recorder playing one side of their single is set on fire, exploding to a halt in a stench of burning plastics, whilst a record player playing the other side is drowned with liquids from plastic tubes like an intravenous drip gone berserk.
As it splutters to a halt the vocalist joins in, the plastic tubes in her own mouth spewing out blues, reds, greens, her voice joining her own voice on the recording in its final struggle. Another record player playing their single is turned on and joined in with on the drums and vocally until a knife is aimed at it and thrown – direct hit. Speed and sound build up so that sudden halts thrust one forward from the momentum and one finds oneself actually straining to hear the minute sounds of tiny whistles and stringed instruments. Despite total abandonment (or maybe because of it) the music was controlled; high-powered aeronautics free-falling and dive-bombing, dangerously near to crashing and back into smooth flight. It defied classification. This duo Paul Burwell and Anne Bean, have performed in many contexts and environments… ‘Pulp’ is a new venture and their single captures the intensity of their live performance. I was stunned.” - D I Fanzine

“One of the most startling DIY records from this period, Pulp: Low Flying Aircraft is what happens when avant-garde meets punk on neutral ground, a wonderfully delirious disaster area. I love it” - New Musical Express, 1979??

“The excellent Low Flying Aircraft – a single whose potency and raw energy gave the punks a run for their money.”

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