Left Hand Cuts Off The Right

Left Hand Cuts off the Right (Robbie Judkins) is an outlet for exploratory methods and composition. He plays with bent electronics, East African instrumentation, pianos, hand percussion, field recordings, loops and effects. The sounds are of otherworldliness, twinkling twitchings, habitual drones, crackling rhythms and oddities directing you, transfixed, through the won- derment.

Robbie will be performing a live version of Desired Place alongside Conny Prantera (The Seer, Moon-Ra) who will be providing live visuals for the work. Desired Place was created using electric piano, loops and effects after an attempted suicide in 2014. It focuses on a dark period of my life; yet allows for a feeling of calm, hope and optimism. Minimal tone clusters were chosen and expanded for four individual parts that were looped and mixed live. Creating simple, repetitive and focused sound works was a welcome distraction from destructive and spiralling thought patterns at the time.

His work has been featured in the Wire magazine, NTS radio, Barbican, Chelsea College of Arts and Design, Resonance FM and at the University of Central Lancashire. Robbie is also the creator of Animal Sounds (Resonance FM), a member of punk noise group, Casual Sect and far out space-noise clan, Ghost Fang.

“Robbie Judkins seems to specialise in sounds that stick to my face and get caught in my hair. I feel smothered and unclean within the tangle of viscous electronics and mouldy tape samples, picking bits of static and drone out of my scalp, inhaling flecks of synthesiser every time I breathe in. Where other musicians carve out space in the stereo field for each sound to move freely, Judkins pushes the noises closer together – moist electronics ooze as they press into the sides of distorted loops, wriggling and squirming in a bid for breathing room.” – Jack Chutter, ATTN:Magazine