We Don't Care About Music Anyway... Three Day Festival / Film Screening + Performances by: L?K?O, Kirihito, Umi No Yeah Orchestra, Sakamoto Hiromichi + Bo Ningen + Neo Soft + No Cars

Door Times : 8pm


From radical turntablism (Otomo Yoshihide) to laptop music innovation (Numb), via classical instrument hijacking (Sakamoto Hiromichi), Tokyo's avant-garde music scene is internationally known for its boldness.

While introducing some of the greatest musicians of this scene, the film "We Don't Care About Music Anyway..." offers a kaleidoscopic view of Tokyo, confronting music and noise, sound and image, reality and representation, documentary and fiction. This three day festival presents concerts from 5 of the people/groups featured in the film, plus London band Bo Ningen. Otomo Yoshihide is no longer joining the tour due to circumstances in Japan.

This event will now also act as a fundraiser for relief efforts in Japan.


Day One: 21 March 2011 - Film Screening / Q&A / L?K?O (DJ set)

This three day festival kicks off with a screening of the film and Q&A with director Cedric Dupire alongside a musical selections from the Tokyo underground and a DJ set by L?K?O

Day Two: 22 March 2011 - L?K?O / Kirihito / Bo Ningen / No Cars / Bobby August (DJ)


Kirihito is, before Europe favorites Melt Banana and Nisen- nenmondai, the most infamous post-punk band in Japan. A vigorous and totally engaging live band, Kirihito formed in 1994 as the duo of Ken Takahisa and C.O.B. Ken plays synth/casio tone with his feet while playing guitar and singing. C.O.B.'s drumming is also an acrobatic spectacle pounding out the rhythms of their joyous, danceable tunes whilst stood behind an array of drums.

Kirihito website


L?K?O is a turntablist, taking in all kinds of music. He has performed with Moodman, Original Love and ooioo as well as Keiji Haino.


"They're fantastically energetic, often brain-crushingly heavy, and quite probably the most exciting young band in London right now. The foursomes feral punk/metal approach and hectic tempo changes nod to Jap freak-out combos such as Acid Mothers Temple, Melt-Banana, Boredoms and Boris." MOJO magazine

If someone in the 1960's had imagined ('qualted space: 1999' style) what rock and roll would sound and looks like in 2010, Bo Ningen is what they would have heard in their head. In its obbession with repetition and the twisted patterns of its ungraspable musical narrative, it has all the appeal of listening to Amon duul and Can but at the same time.

Bo Ningen on Myspace


All-girl Japanese pop/punk trio based in London, singing cute songs for farmers, vegetables, food and selotape.

"No cars" means farmers in Japanese. As you expect, we are farmers (or pretend to be farmers).We are the pop idol band who also farm (or pretend to farm) . How precious we are!!! Eco friendly!! Pop idol has to be trendy.

Day Three: 23 March 2011 - Umi No Yeah Orchestra / Sakamoto Hiromichi / Neo Soft / DJs Catcher Nine & Bobby August

UMI NO YEAH ORCHESTRA ft. L?K?O + Kenichi Iwasa + Sakamoto Hiromichi

Their name might translate roughly as Beach House, but these guys offer something rather different to their American counterparts - a seaside resort noise act, telling us a story of Bikini (Shimazaki Tomoko) and Aloha (Kirihito front man Takehisa Ken), aliens coming from outer space to discover the sea. The weird mix of Aloha’s cheap synth tunes and powerful guitar drones with the guitar-hero like strip-tease performance of Bikini is, above what words can say, one of the must-see Tokyo underground noise music acts.

Their story in their own words: "The two met in Yutsubo marine park in Kanagawa pref. got along, formed the band. Their motto is to have a good business and tropical sound. Their Curry rice is neither disgusting nor delicious. A profoundly mysterious beach hut. We don’t have boats to let. Umi no Yeah's members are Takehisaken and the actress Tomoko Shimazaki - it’s a Tropical noise unit! Recently they've been joined by a part-time participant Syrup-san (aka Compuma) and Mojah Sensei (aka Kujun) and 24/7, 365 all year around non stop open business!"

Umi No Yeah website


A radical and lyrical performer, Sakamoto Hiromichi uses voices and musical saws (among other things) in addition to his customary cello and uses various effects, bumping and thumping, scrubbing in order to pursue and broaden his instrument's possibilities - going so far as to use an electric drill or a grinder, producing sparks.

Besides performing solo improvisations, he collaborates with many other musician as well as people from other genres of art, such as movie, theater, the fine art, photography, butoh, and street performance. His activities are eclectic, crossing boundaries. He released a disc of solo works "zero-shiki" (1999) and participates in Pascals and Shibusa-shirazu. He has also played together with UA, Otomo Yoshihide, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Keiji Haino, Lars Hollmer, and many others.


Kenichi Iwasa`s new project with Kensuke Hoshi. They run interplanetary construction business, going around - planet to planet to fix and often cause problem. Neo Soft sounds like broken hoover on edge of cliff trying to suck all the sea water.

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These three days are part of the We Don't Care About Music Anyway European Tour 2011, produced by Studio Shaiprod.

Thanks also to Kenichi Iwasa for helping us reorganise this festival following Otomo Yoshihide's decision to stay in Japan after the earthquake/tsunami. You can read an English translation of Otomo's blog post on the subject here.