Upset The Rhythm presents: Jessica Bailiff + Boduf Songs + Matawan

Jessica Bailiff

Wednesday 17 April 2013


Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £8 adv, £10 on the door


Upset the Rhythm presents the noisy pop-tinged love songs of Jessica Bailiff. These nestle slyly in a bed of off-kilter lullabies and dark, metallic waltzes compiled from Fuzzed and delayed electric guitar, down-tuned, distorted bass, organ, piano, cello, and drums. Also performing is Boduf Songs - psychedelic songforms crafted using a combination of raw electronics, manipulated samples and heavy rock guitar.


JESSICA BAILIFF is a singer-songwriter from Toledo, Ohio. From her first records in the last gasp of the 1990s, Bailiff has carved out her own spectral path. She's collaborated with Dave Pearce of Flying Saucer Attack, Odd Nosdam, Casino Versus Japan and Rivulets among many, giving you some idea to expect the unexpected as her music ranges from short piano pieces to slowly ascending 20-minute feedback driven monsters. Brand new album, 'At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky' released by long-term label Kranky, is her first since 2006, suffused with her cool, half-chanted singing, plenty of sonic murk and a clear focus on arrangement and precision. Opener, 'Your Ghost Is Not Enough' is a strong meditation on the tensions and feelings of long-distance relationships, and two songs later, 'Sanguine' revolves around an epic blush of organ, bass, and increasingly louder guitars. The latter brings to mind the Doors fronted by Trish Keenan at first, but it transforms into something that's all Bailiff by the end. And then 'If You Say It' takes it to a further level with what could be gentle flutes bubbling through the mix. Bringing scope and space to a more intimate level, the miniature epic 'This is Real' demonstrates the virtues of the slow build and Bailiff's careful placement: repeated keyboard parts are matched by guitars, then voices take the place of the guitars as new guitars are added into the background. It feels like sweeping exultance, a sigh, and the title's reach for something grounded. For this show, Jessica will be performing with a band, consisting of Mat Sweet of Boduf Songs on drums and Clive Henry on bass, this will be her first ever show in the UK, seriously exciting!

“Jessica Bailiff's slowly unfolding and often compelling body of work has been one of music's quiet treasures from the mid-'90s forward.” Allmusic


BODUF SONGS has evolved from Mat Sweet's minimalist acoustic approach, showcased so well on previous albums for the Kranky, to a more adventurous and experimental treatment of his songs. Dark psychedelics are crafted from a combination of raw electronics, manipulated samples and heavy guitar. Where once other instruments were rare interludes betwixt brooding vocals and carefully plucked guitar, now they have a much bigger part to play, shaping entire songs into an animated whole. New album, 'Burnt Up On Re-Entry', released on Southern Records, is very much another galaxy for Boduf Songs, allowing Sweet to explore new black holes and interstellar clouds, resulting in expanding sounds that interact powerfully with his finely honed songwriting, and presenting a new hypothesis of the universe.


MATAWAN focus heavily on textural relationships, seeking to portray an aural journey that often treads a fine line between brooding density and compelling melody. Specifically choosing to use electric guitars as their primary medium, the band's compositions vary organically with each performance, which helps to give Matawan their own sense of freedom.