The best way to support what happens at Cafe OTO is to come to the concerts. It's why we do this and what keeps us going. However if you would like to go above and beyond or help out in other ways there are a few options below.


Since we opened in 2008, we've tried to put together a space that feels great for both performers and audience. We want to up our game in 2013 by renewing the equipment we have here and would like your help to make that possible. The items below are offered as gifts when you make a donation.

We've so far raised £9251 of our £25,000
goal - Thank you for your support!

LP Bag

£25 donations
Limited edition screenprint tote / record bag designed by Akio Yamamoto

Poster pack

£50 donations
Poster pack of all available posters from the Cafe OTO archives including silkscreen and risograph prints designed by Bill Kouligas (PAN), Simon Fowler (Cataract Operation), Peter Blundell (Temperatures), Oliver Pitt and more...

Alex Ward & THurston Moore

£100 donations
Alex Ward & Thurston Moore - Live at Cafe OTO one-sided 12" vinyl LP - edition of 100.

Fred Frith & Christian Marclay - LP Cover

£100 donations
Fred Frith & Christian Marclay - Live at Cafe OTO 2012 - Vinyl LP - edition of 100.

Design by Laurent Benner, Collages by Christian Marclay.

What will you do with the money?

The money we raise through this fundraiser will be directly put towards improving the equipment we have in the venue. Many of these items we regularly hire or what we have in-house already really needs replacing. We want to make a long term investment in the quality of the gear here - reducing our ongoing hire costs for concerts helps us to keep ticket prices down and/or pay the musicians more. It will also make for an even better concert experience for musicians and audience alike.

A better piano has long been at the top of our list but it has also been hard to work out how an upgrade might be possible. At the beginning of September we took delivery of an ex-rental Yamaha C3 grand piano. We were able to get a great deal from Markson's Pianos to make this possible but still need to pay it off over the next two years. Repayments are £500 / month. A percentage of the donations we receive will go towards reducing these monthly repayments and may even make it possible for us to pay the whole thing off sooner!

We regularly need to hire in additional amplification for concerts. Whilst we have some in house -eg/ a good sounding1972 silverface Fender Twin we could really do with a much better bass amplifier and an additional quality tube amp would also save us having to bring an extra one in when there is more than one guitarist here or if someone needs the extra volume.

We also have a long list of other items including a stage mixer, limiter, graphic eq, double bass, better drum hardware… To name just a few!

We are also keen to invest in some recording equipment and microphones that would allow us to more consistently make high quality recordings of the one-off events that take place here. Since we opened, many important, unrepeatable performances have gone undocumented. Having this equipment installed in-house would mean we could document more events and make these available online, through our label and on our weekly radio show.

Can I donate at the cafe?

Yes - that would be really great!

Don't you already get loads of funding?

We have received some funding towards the running of the programme and some ring-fenced funding for specific events but we have never received capital funding to spend on equipment.


Volunteering is a great way of getting involved and being part of a community of musicians and artists that run and perform at Café OTO.

Benefits will include free entry to events.

If you would like to volunteer at Café Oto please enter your name and email here:

If you have any questions about volunteering please e-mail who will get back to you as soon as possible.


OTO Projects gratefully acknowledges the support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation,
Arts Council England and the PRS for Music Foundation.

We have also received additional project support in the past from:

Media Partners:

Our Yamaha C3 grand piano has been made possible with the kind support of Markson Pianos.


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