SoundFjord presents...
Feeling Sound: A Night of Shared Listening and Conversation
with Rosalind Fowler, Ian Rawes, David Toop, Duncan Whitley and John Wynne

Duncan Whitley, video still: Pepe El Peregil - singing a saeta ain Plaza Museo 2011.

Photo: Duncan Whitley, video still: Pepe "El Peregil" singing a saeta ain Plaza Museo 2011.

Tuesday 16th April 2013


Door Times : 8pm

Free, but RSVP required helen[at]

SoundFjord is delighted to announce a night of shared conversation and questions, inspired by its inaugural commission, Sbarbi's Arrow, an exhibition by Duncan Whitley, produced specifically for SoundFjord’s gallery space. Sbarbi's Arrow is the first major creative output of Whitley's study of the saeta flamenca, a form of flamenco prayer, sung to the religious images of the Catholic Easter processions in Andalucia. The exhibition has been commissioned to coincide with the movable feast of Lent and Easter.

Whitley's work in 'sensuous ethnography', explores territories between ethnographic filmmaking, sound installation and soundscape. His investigations are complex, drawing on numerous themes, including: the notion of performer and performance space or context; the differences between human and the recorded voice; a sense of belonging and community; the documentation and contextualisation of ethnographic practices through a variety of media and curatorial methodologies.

Tonight we bring together respected guest practitioners, researchers, and specialist to tease out themes pertinent to the commissioned work. Rosalind Fowler, Ian Rawes, David Toop, Duncan Whitley and John Wynne with join SoundFjord for shared sounds, images, stories, film snippets and more.

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Sbarbi's Arrow runs at SoundFjord from 21 March until 21 April 2013.

Further information on the exhibition and opening hours:

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