Roland Ramanan Tentet

Roland Ramanan Tentet

Sunday 13 January 2013


Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £7 adv, £8 on the door


Following a stint in Peter Brötzmann's mighty Chicago Tentet trumpter Roland Ramanan set up a group of his own with key players from London's improvised music scene. This concert is a rare but very welcome opportunity to see them in action!

Roland Ramanan / trumpet
Ian Smith / trumpet
Robert Jarvis / trombone
Mark Browne / soprano sax
Adrian Northover / alto sax
Ricardo Tejero / tenor sax
Marcio Mattos / cello
Dominic Lash / bass
Javier Carmona / drums
Mark Sanders / drums


Since his first experiences playing with legendary drummer John Stevens in 1989, Ramanan has been a major presence on the London improvised music scene. Constantly exploring the boundaries between composition and improvisation as well as the sound possibilities of the trumpet, he has worked with Peter Brotzmann, Eddie Prevost, Evan Parker, Simon Fell, Marcio Mattos, Alex Ward, Alex Hawkins and Tony Marsh.

Ramanan has been a conductor and stalwart of the London Improvisers Orchestra since its inception.

He has two recordings on Emanem records (Shaken and Caesura); his latest record release and project is the free jazz tentet on Leo records. Ramanan also plays in the punk, funk, improv trio Vole - soon to be released on Babellabel.
Roland Ramanan on Leo records
Roland Ramanan on Emanem records

IAN SMITH / trumpet

Ian Smith was first active on the Dublin alternative rock/post-punk scene in the 1980s, playing in the Real Wild West. Following his move to London, he switched to free improvisation, performing with the likes of Evan Parker, John Stevens, Maggie Nicols, Lol Coxhill, and Steve Beresford, who produced his first two solo albums. He is an active member of the London Improvisers Orchestra and the Temporary Brass Trio (with Gail Brand and Oren Marshall), and has albums out on Red Toucan and Emanem. In 1990, he moved to London to start anew. He co-founded the free-form unit Forest and by 1992 was entering free improv circles. He presented a trio (Trian) at the 1993 London Experimental Music Festival. A year later, he took part in a re-formation of Cornelius Cardew's Scratch Orchestra. Brian Godding, Marcio Mattos, Thebe Lipere, and Mark Sanders all appear in various groupings on his first solo CD, Tryst, released in 1997 by the Canadian label Red Toucan. That same year, he was drafted for Lawrence Butch Morris' London Skyscraper tour. This ensemble later evolved into the London Improvisers Orchestra. Daybreak, released by Emanem in 2001, features the Temporary Brass Trio augmented by free improv legends Derek Bailey and Veryan Weston.

ADRIAN NORTHOVER / alto saxophone

Adrian Northover has toured extensively in Europe and North America with B Shops for the Poor, The Remote Viewers, Sonic Phonics (with Billy Bang) and The Happy End.

In 2010 Adrian made a tour of Russia with Helen McDonald and Vladimir Miller, performing music from The Descendants – a suite based on the life of Pushkin.

Adrian is a mainstay of the London scene, working in the fields of composition, improv ,jazz, film music, as well as solo saxophone performances. He plays regularly with Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Steve Noble, The London Improvisers Orchestra (new CD live at The Freedom Of The City Festival 2010 soon to be released), and Trip-Tik (with Catherine Pluygers and Adam Bohman.

Recent CD releases include To The North, by The Remote Viewers with John Edwards and Mark Sanders, and a trio of duo CD’s with Adam Bohman). Adrian also plays North Indian Classical music, and works with Hanif Khan, Mehboob Nadeem, as well as the Indo-jazz fusion band Dha.

ROBERT JARVIS / trombone

Robert Jarvis lives in Faversham, Kent, and works as an electro-acoustic composer, sound installation artist and improvising trombonist. He performs under his own name both in ensemble and solo playing and has a CD released on the Slam label. As well as being a long time performer with the London Improvisers Orchestra, he regularly plays with the Dutch NDIO project and English based Toungues of Fire and also Chris Wood.

Robert Jarvis & Lawrence Casserley: 'Live at The Vortex' from Robert Jarvis on Vimeo.

DOMINIC LASH / double bass

Dominic Lash is a double bassist active in many spheres of improvised and experimental music. Based for many years in Oxford, UK, where he helped to resurrect the Oxford Improvisers cooperative (including musicians such as Pat Thomas, Pete McPhail and Phil Wachsmann), he is currently living in New York City, where he has performed with musicians such as Karl Berger, Marty Ehrlich, Joe Morris and Nate Wooley. Other notable performances have included concerts with Tony Conrad (in duo and quartet formations), Evan Parker (duo, quartet and large ensemble) and as a member of the late Steve Reid's Ensemble. Current projects include the Dominic Lash Quartet; the Set Ensemble (an experimental music group mainly focusing on the work of the Wandelweiser composers collective); the Convergence Quartet (with Taylor Ho Bynum, Harris Eisenstadt and Alexander Hawkins; a trio with John Butcher and John Russell; and a duo with Patrick Farmer.


Marcio Matos was born in Brazil and entered the Villa-Lobos institute where he became involved in free improvisation and electronic music, mainly through the influence of visiting american composers Lukas Foss and Vladimir Ussachevsky.

After moving to London in the early 70's he started playing at the Little Theatre Club in several of John Stevens' groups and Mal Dean's Amazing Band. Since then has performed, recorded and broadcast both in Britain and abroad in various groups with leading improvisers including  Evan Parker, John Surman, Derek Bailey's Company, Dewey Redman, Roscoe Mitchell and Marylin Crispell amongst many others. Other British projects have include the Eddie Prevost Qaurtet, "Bardo State Orchestra", Chris Burn's Ensemble, "Embers" with John Butcher and others; long-standing membership of the London Improvisers Orchestra.

Matos has toured extensively in Europe,North America, Brazil, Australia and Japan, both performing and giving improvisation worshops.

International projects have included “The Transatlantic Ensemble” with Roscoe Mitchell, Evan Parker and others, Georg Graewe's Grubenklang Orchestra, Stefano Maltese's "Open Music Ensemble", Tony Oxley's Celebration Orchestra, A bass/cello and shakuhachi duo with Shiku Yano, and in Japan various groupings with Sabu Toyozumi.

Current projects include "Lines" with Phil Wachsmann/Jim Denley Axel Dorner and Martin Blume, "Full Monte" with Chris Biscoe, Brian Godding and Tony Marsh , “AXON” with Phil Minton, Fred Van Hove and Martin Blume, “ZFP”- with Carlos Zingaro, Simon H Fell and Mark Sanders, and a String Quartet with Phil Wachsmann, Charlotte Hug and John Edwards.

RICARDO TEJERO / tenor saxophone

Ricardo Tejero, a mainly self-taught saxophonist from Spain who has since toured extensively in Brazil, Poland, Spain, Germany, Norway, France, Belgium and Holland. He moved to the UK in 2001 and graduated in Jazz and Contemporary Music from Leeds College of Music in 2005; obtained a Masters Degree in Contemporary Music in Brunel University (London) in 2007 under prof. Richard Barrett and prof. Peter Wiegold. He now lives in London where he has been very active playing within the London's free improvised music scene.

He retains links with the city of Leeds, for example collaborating with the LIMA ORCHESTRA ( Leeds Improvised Music Association ) conducted by Dave Kane.

At present he plays and collaborates with musicians such as Dave Tucker, Veryan Weston, Roland Ramanan, Javier Carmona, Mark Sanders, Pablo Perez, Tony Marsh, Marcio Mattos, Dominic Lash, Steve Noble, Adrian Northover, Alison Blunt, Robert Jarvis, Pat Thomas, Yedo Gibson, or Andrew Melville as well as running improvisation workshops.

In 2007 he created the quintet ENSEMBLE PROGRESIVO with whom he launched the records PROGRESSIONS (2007) and HURTA CORDEL LIVE CONCERT (2009) which can be downloaded on the netlabel Audition records.

He is a member of Musicalibre: Spanish Improvised Music Association. 

Other collaborations include: Duos with Italian guitarist Roberto Sassi and Spanish guitarist Juan Jaren; working as performer and conducter with BER.IO (Berlin Improvised Music Orchestra) and RIO (Royal Improvised Music Orchestra of Holland)

MARK BROWNE / soprano saxophone

Mark Browne plays primarily soprano sax with the tentet but his personal and experimental approach to improvising over the last few years has led to the addition of percussion, game calls, whistles and explosives. His soprano playing draws on the influence of Evan Parker and Lol Coxhill but is absolutely his own. In 1983 played with Cockpit Improvised Music with amongst others Adam and Jon Bohman and commenced long term duo with percussionist Steve Nash. A chance meeting in Aylesbury with Lol Coxhill in 1990 led to duo concerts and activity with the London Musicians Collective as well as other small groups in London. Solo alto saxophone concerts and with Martin Klapper in Denmark in 1994.

Organised bi-weekly Improvised Music concerts as The Bathos from the Shipwright Arms, London Bridge in 2000. 2000 to 2005 playing sopranino saxophone with various groups including , Unseemly Trio (with Steve Nash and Mike Adcock), Hugh Davies, John Russell and Dave Ryan’s Ensemble rrrrrr. Mark was amongst the first regular attendees of Eddie Prevost’s workshops.

From 2005 predominantly playing soprano saxophone and percussion. Current activities include collaboration with Sonic Pleasure, Ian Smith, Dominic Lash, Romuald Wadych and Steve Nash and being a member of The Great Masturbators (with Jon Samsworth and Alex Becket) and Alpha Males.

Browne exhibits a resistance to recording but has recently completed the 52 Noisy Little Clouds, a set of 52 recordings produced and issued each week to 52 different recipients. Another edition is planned for 2012.


Javier Carmona, drummer/percussionist from Madrid, currently living in Barcelona. Since 1994 Javier has developed his musical career working with different bands in an eclectic range of styles, from rock to free improvisation. In recent years he has played extensively in Europe with different formations including for example John Tchicai, Evan Parker, Carlos Zingaro, Pat Thomas and John Russell, among many others.

Member of several groups including the London Improvisers Orchestra (Emanem Records), FOCO Orchestra, BIB Orchestra, Catatumbo (with Ingrid Laubrock and Olie Brice), a duo with Mark Hanslip (Babel Records), Alexander Hawkins Ensemble (CDs published by FMR and Babel), Roland Ramanan Tentet (Leo Records), Perrochimp (Duo with electronics player Federico Reuben), Rachel Musson’s Skein (F-IRE Records) or Vole (with Roland Ramanan and Roberto Sassi: Babel) and Ricardo Tejero’s Ensemble Progresivo (cd Progressions)


One of the key figures of European free improvisation, Mark Sanders is one of the most unostentatiously experimental percussionists, never using exactly the same kit twice and always seeking out new sonic possibilities and musical potential. Precise, propulsive and extraordinarily dynamic, his drumming has animated encounters with musicians ranging from Axel Dörner to Wadada Leo Smith, Peter Brötzmann to John Butcher, Matthew Shipp to Otomo Yoshihide.

"ubiquitous, diverse and constantly creative, drummer Mark Sanders always outdoes himself, whether playing with restraint or erupting like a dynamo." Bruce L Gallenter, Downtown Music Gallery. NY