Bunch of Fives

The Tapeworm’s Bunch of Fives – CM von Hausswolff / Dale Cornish & Phil Julian / Andrew Poppy / Osman Arabi / Autodigest / Zerocrop

TUES 16 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £5 adv / £7 on the door

On the 16th September, we warmly welcome you to Dalston’s finest, Café Oto, for our fifth birthday concert, ‘The Tapeworm’s Bunch of Fives’. CM von Hausswolff, Osman Arabi and Autodigest are flying in from far-flung places, especially for you. Andrew Poppy will finger the ivories; our interim minstrel Zerocrop will sing for you a lullaby or two; straight outta Croydon, Messrs Cornish and Julian will début a duet set. Surprise guests? Possibly, yes!............MORE>

Grimm Grimm

Pickpocket Records & Myths of the Far Future presents: Grimm Grimm + Serafina Steer + Moon Zero

WED 17 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £5 adv / £6 on the door

This show is to celebrate the release of a single by Grimm Grimm, a London-based space folk solo project by Koichi Yamanoha. This 500 limited Edition 7" will be released by Charlotte Marionneau (Le Volume Courbe) and Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)'s label, Pickpocket Records. The show will include live performances by Grimm Grimm(Members from Bo Ningen and Le Volume Courbe will be featured for half of his set as guest musicians), Serafina Steer and Moon Zero.............MORE>

Catherine Lamb

Konzert Minimal play Antoine Beuger and Catherine Lamb

THU 18 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £6 adv / £8 on the door

First UK performance by Konzert Minimal, the radical Berlin-based ensemble of experimental musicians, composers and sound artists. Members of the ensemble come together with five UK-based musicians to present compositions by Wandelweiser founder Antoine Beuger, and the highly-acclaimed young American composer Catherine Lamb, last seen in the UK at Glasgow’s Tectonics Festival in January.

Antoine Beuger: meinong nonets (50 mins)
Catherine Lamb: areas of presence, material/highlight (40 mins)

The concert is supported by the Goethe Institut, London, and launches Konzert Minimal’s first CD, which was released on Another Timbre in June.............MORE>

Ken Vandermark / Eddie Prevost by Peter Gannushkin
In residence

Ken Vandermark / Eddie Prévost - Two Day Residency

FRIDAY 19 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8PM • £12 adv / £15 on the door / £20 2-day pass
Ken Vandermark / Eddie Prévost / John Tilbury
SATURDAY 20 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8PM • £12 adv / £15 on the door / £20 2-day pass
Ken Vandermark / Eddie Prévost / Guillaume Viltard

Enticing two-day residency from American saxophonist Ken Vandermark (Vandermark 5, Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Fire Room) and percussionist and AMM-founder Eddie Prévost. Vandermark has been fixture on the Chicago-area music scene since the 1990s, earning wide critical praise for his playing and his multilayered compositions, which typically balance intricate orchestration with passionate improvisation. Eddie Prévost plays with immense fire, grace and invention. Founder of the essential AMM, collaborator of the greatest improvisers internationally, since the 60's he has kept a continuous contact with the scene and always manages to invent anew his contribution to "meta-music"..........MORE>

Phill Niblock

Rie Nakajima & Phill Niblock with Anton Lukoszevieze

SUN 21 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

Despite having known each other for many years, and having a long-held affinity for each other's work, this will be the first time Rie Nakajima and Phill Niblock have collaborated together. The results should prove to be as compelling as they are unpredictable, making this a night not be missed.

Rie will perform in response to Phill's film "T H I R" (1971-72, 43 min) and his sound collage piece “ Crick”. This will be followed by another of Phill’s videos "Meudrone" (2013-14, 48 min) with music by Phill Niblock, including the piece 'Summing II' (1982, 32 min) with David Gibson’s pre-recorded cello and Anton Lukoszevieze of Apartment House playing live. The two films/videos will be played in succession and the programme will include other sound pieces made since October 2013: 'Vlada BC’ (Nov 2103, 20 min) with recorded samples of Elisabeth Smalt on viola d’amore and 'Euph' (Nov 2103, 24 min) with recorded samples of Melvyn Poore on two belled euphonium.............MORE>

Gabriel Saloman

Gabriel Mindel Saloman (Yellow Swans) + Antti Tolvi

MON 22 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

Long overdue first appearance at OTO for musician, artist and ex-Yellow Swans member, Gabriel Saloman. Having carved out a justifiably revered position as one half of the now sadly defunct Yellow Swans alongside Pete Swanson, Saloman has not eased off on his prolific rate of production since the duo called it a day in 2009. His music has a strong grounding in political concerns, with most recent album, Soldier's Requiem, being originally composed for a dance piece exploring ideas related to the experience of war. Equal parts visceral and reflective, powerful and haunting, Saloman's music defies easy categorisation with a creative restlessness that proves consistently compelling. Support comes from self-taught Finnish musician Antti Tolvi, whose recent album on Fonal Records - Pianoketo - weaves all-enveloping microtonal clusters of piano notes into a densely bewitching reverie.............MORE>

Magik Markers

Upset The Rhythm presents: Magik Markers + SICK LLAMA + ALISON'S BIRTHDAY

TUES 23 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

Magik Markers' self-referential improvisations and gritty brand of strutting, spinning and splitting in packed houses, panel trucks, and the underground sound and light discotheques, began in a Hartford basement around the Millennium. Whilst consistently releasing some wild material on their own Arbitrary Signs label the band have also spun out some remarkable records for Ecstatic Peace, Hospital Productions, Not Not Fun and most recently Drag City, who released their new album 'Surrender To The Fantasy' last year. 'STTF' (never too soon for the acronym) kicks off with that hoary old trope of punk records, the song about the Chesapeake Valley Runoff and the mating cycle of crabs. After that kind of in-your-face Attenborough-core, where could the record go? Nowhere but everywhere, all the creepy outposts of American detritus from other times, when hitchhiking and h-bombs were still hot, viable new ideas and on beyond. 'Acts of Desperation' is Shaggs-meets-Stones colour commentary on driveway laying, your mom's Merit Ultra-Light 100's and the lengths we'll go to filch a feel of some arcane notion of greatness.............MORE>

OTO ale


Come in and hang out. Japanese snacks, Sake, Shochu, Plum Wine, an expansive selection of Single Malt Whiskies from Scotland, Japan and Wales. Hacker-Pschorr Munchen Helle Lager, and Brugse Zot on tap and some exceptional beers in the fridge from The Kernel, and East London Brewing Company and a big range of Belgian greats including Orval, and Dubbel, Westmalle Dubbel and Trappist and the Trappistes Rochefort 10.
Tippett Noble Brotzmann
In residence

Brötzmann / Noble / Tippett

THURSDAY 25 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8PM • £12 adv / £15 on the door / £20 2-day pass
SATURDAY 27 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8PM • £12 adv / £15 on the door / £20 2-day pass

Despite having played together in various combinations, Keith Tippett and Peter Brötzmann's collaborations have sadly been left undocumented beyond a couple of bootlegs and long-out-of-print compilation releases. These shows will be a rare opportunity to see them together for their first performance in quite some time. Brötzmann and Noble have found a natural affinity over the last few years and those lucky enough to have caught any of Tippett's previous performances at OTO will need no further encouragement. These dates with BNT provide an unmissable grouping of three singular musicians who have never ceased refining their formidable powers...........MORE>

Adam Bohman exhibition
Project Space
In Residence

Adam Bohman: Drawings And Collages


This Autumn we are very proud to present the first ever public exhibition of Adam Bohman's visual work at the Cafe OTO Project Space - the result of an extensive crowd-funding campaign we carried out earlier this year.

Adam Bohman has been operating on the outer fringes of underground music for decades. However, his tape cut-ups and home-built instruments represent just a tiny fraction of his artistic practice. In parallel, Adam has been creating and carefully stockpiling an extraordinary collection of collages, ink drawings and graphic scores that only a handful of people have ever seen..............MORE>

Fire! Orchestra by Micke Keysendal

Barbican and Cafe OTO present: Fire! Orchestra @ The Laundry

FRI 26 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • The Laundry • £20 adv

Experience the seismic energy of this 28-strong free jazz big band from Sweden. Channeling the spirit of free jazz big bands of the past, Fire! Orchestra is all about blazing new paths and fresh approaches in improvised music – via motorik groove, psychedelic soul and fully liberated freak-outs. The dynamic range is enormous, from stripped back brass to storms of percussion, woodwind and vocal incantations segued into velocity-suspended climaxes.

Please note that this event takes place at The Laundry, 2-18 Warburton Rd, E8 3FN .............MORE>

King Ayisoba by Mai Staunsager

Cafe OTO and No Globe present: King Ayisoba + Guests

FRI 26 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

Traditional kologo music from the Upper East Region of Ghana brought with the energy and flavor of the ‘Modern Ghanaian’ dance scene. King Ayisoba sings in Frafra, Twi and in English, jumping from his low, guttural growl to moments of piercingly high interjection. He plays the kologo, a two-string guitar with a calabash gourd resonator that allows skilled players to double up hard rhythms with twirling melodic refrains. King Ayisoba played to a packed out OTO back in April and it’s a pleasure to have him back for this year's London African Music Festival, this time with a new album on Makkum and a new backing band in tow. Scottish events collective No Globe join with Café Oto in promoting this event under their ethos of ‘Party Music Beyond Borders’, with several special support acts to be announced nearer the date.............MORE>

Oceans of Silver and Blood

Oceans of Silver and Blood + Byron Westbrook + Steve Gibson/Adrian Newton/Stuart Riddle

SUN 28 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

A rare performance from Oceans of Silver and Blood - the pairing of Mark Wastell and Joachim Nordwall - their first at OTO since 2008. Instigated in early 2007, the duo weave dense layers of potent, visceral drone from Wastell's tam-tam and Nordwall's electronics that brood and build towards complete immersion. Support comes from artist and composer Byron Westbrook - who works with the dynamic quality of physical space through site-specific installations and unique listening formats - and a trio of Steve Gibson, Adrian Newton and Stuart Riddle, who will be performing a classic of early minimalism..............MORE>

Josephine Foster by A.Cepeda

Josephine Foster with Victor Herrero

MON 29 SEPTEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £12 adv / £15 on the door

Josephine Foster makes a welcome return to OTO, this time in a duo with Victor Herrero, following on from last year's stunning album 'I'm A Dreamer' (Fire Records), from which she'll be playing songs this evening. Another welcome opportunity to experience Foster's magnificent voice, swooping and swaying through the melodic arrangements (Morriconeon in their power and imagination) of her band. Some songs are singalongs, some are deep atmospheric tales that leave the listener yearning to know more. American gothic, breathless folk and mountain music are all drawn upon by the band but boy oh boy, do they swing and swing, with Spanish guitar maestro Victor Herrero channelling all kinds of colour and texture into proceedings. At the heart of the fulsome live sound will be Foster’s voice, evoking the nostalgic warmth and beauty of a phonograph..............MORE>

Marisa Anderson

Upset The Rhythm presents: Mississippi Records on tour: 'A Cosmic and Earthly History of Recorded Music according to Mississippi Records' (film & talk presentation) with MARISA ANDERSON + LORI GOLDSTON + DRAGGING AN OX THROUGH WATER

TUES 30 SEPTEMBER '14 • 7:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

A once in a blue moon showcase that features a brand new live film/talk/slide show presentation by Eric Isaacson (Mississippi Records label boss and store owner) plus three live acts, all of whom have released records on the Mississippi Record label. Marisa plays emotive acoustic and electric whirlwinds, Lori wanders across borders with her atmospheric cello playing and DAOTW gloriously ruptures songs rooted in folk and country traditions.............MORE>

Joe Morris

Joe Morris (solo)

WED 1 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

After his stand-out performance here last year as part of Tony-Joe Bucklash with Tony Buck, Joe Bevan and Dominc Lash, the great American improvising guitarist Joe Morris returns to OTO for a night of solo performance. With over 50 albums to his name and a long list of collaborators including Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Joe Maneri, Ivo Perelman, Ken Vandermark and DKV Trio, Daniel Levin and David S. Ware, Morris has carved out a place as one of the most original and distinctive guitarists working today. This performance is a rare opportunity to catch a solo set from a master at work. "… a guitarist whose sound is completely his own, oscillating between deadpan sweetness and dangerous, shrapnel-like caprice." - The Village Voice.............MORE>

James Ferraro

James Ferraro

THURS 2 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

James Ferraro is an artist of the 21st century Pop Art wave, exploring the chaos in today’s world by focusing on its most garish aspects and on the fetishes of today’s hyper-real capitalism. He releases under a wide variety of pseudonyms and was also a member of The Skaters (with Spencer Clark) and Lamborghini Crystal, as well as several other solo aliases and collaborations. ........MORE>

Mick Turner

Mick Turner (Dirty Three)

FRI 3 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £7 adv / TBA on the door

Mick Turner is an Australian artist and musician, known as guitarist with acclaimed instrumental group Dirty Three, along with being a seminal figure in Australian 1980's post punk being a member of Venom P Stinger, Sick Things and Fungus Brains He has also lent his unique musical prose upon recordings by Cat Power, Bonnie Prince Billy and Nick Cave. Mick has been making solo instrumental records since 1997 for Chicago label Drag City.........MORE>

Monkey Plot


SAT 4 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £12 adv / £15 door / £24 3-day pass

Taking in four shows over three nights, in three venues, Match&Fuse festival 2014 features extreme jazz, brute rock, hip hop, beat boxers, doom jazz, happy jazz hard core, ambient soundscapes, electronica and acoustic free jazz, with a deliberate mixing of genres and styles on each night, specifically designed to bring a diversity of music to the audience. The festival features bands from Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland and England. Originally set up by Dave Morecroft of WorldService Project in 2011, Match&Fuse is a touring exchange network and annual festival with the primary aim of connecting creative scenes across Europe. With an emphasis on local culture and its transmission across borders M&F facilitates shared platforms for like-minded artists and the creation of new artistic material through international collaboration and works within underground scenes that comprise distinctive audiences built through cutting-edge artistry..............MORE>

Vilda&Inga by Peter Gannushkin

Vilde&Inga + Ingar Zach (solo percussion)

SUN 5 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

Vilde&Inga is a young string duo playing acoustic free improvised music, featuring violin and double bass. By exploring nontraditional approaches to the instruments, the duo greatly expands their timbre palette. The wide horizons of colour allow the music to develop slowly and organically, yet with a keen underlying sense of compositional form. Vilde Sandve Alnæs and Inga Margrete Aas are classically trained musicians from Norway. They started to play together in 2010 and have studied at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Their first album, Makrofauna, was released on ECM in March 2014..............MORE>

The Necks
In residence


MON 6 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £15 adv / £18 on the door / £40 3-day pass
TUES 7 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £15 adv / £18 on the door / £40 3-day pass

The Necks are one of the most distinctive and enthralling groups in music. Last November they took up residency at Cafe OTO, performing six sets over three sold out nights that were every bit as mesmeric as we could have hoped. We're delighted to welcome them back for another three nights that promise to be just as special. The hard-earned, almost telepathic rapport that Chris Abrahams, Lloyd Swanton and Tony Buck have developed over the past 26 years is truly one of the most compelling in live music and it's a privilege to have them back here at OTO...........MORE>

Ian MacGowan
Project Space

OTO PROJECT SPACE // Ian Macgowan - Windmap record launch


We are very pleased to be presenting internationally renowned Irish trumpeter Ian MacGowan (pka Smith), who is celebrating the launch of his first solo brass recording, Windmap, being released by the Linear Obsessional label. MacGowan has been playing improvised music since arriving from Dublin in 1990 and has collaborated with Paul Rutherford, John Stevens, Lol Coxhill and Eddie Prévost among others. He helped to institute the London Improvisers Orchestra in 1998 with Steve Beresford and Evan Parker after the Butch Morris London Skyscraper tour, and also founded The Gathering with Maggie Nichols..............MORE>

Ingrid Laubrock

Haste (Ingrid Laubrock / Veryan Weston / Hannah Marshall) + Lauren Kinsella / Liam Noble / Chris Batchelor (trio)

THU 9 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

Haste is the improvising trio of German-born, NY-based saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock, pianist Veryan Weston and cellist Hannah Marshall. Having played together for a few years, they put out their debut release - a live recording of a performance in Barcelona - on Emanem in 2011. Pianist Veryan Weston has been a leading member of the London improvisation scene for decades with numerous releases on Emanem and elsewhere. Cellist Hannah Marshall is a newer arrival who is already much in demand. Both have also been involved in pre-composed music. Saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock has been a part of the London jazz scene since she arrived here around 20 years ago, but has been moving in somewhat freer circles since her recent move to New York City. Together they improvise chamber music of the highest order..............MORE>

Asiq Nargile


FRI 10 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

Once considered a pan-Caucasian musical tradition, today the music of aşıq bards is most closely associated with the music of Azerbaijan, though it can be still found in pockets throughout the Caucasus. Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Nargile Mehtiyeva has been playing saz (long-neck lute) and singing since the age of 15. A powerful solo performer, her singing is full of deep vocal expression and interspersed with bursts of lightning speed, highly ornamented saz........MORE>

Dirt Nonet

Dirt Nonet ensemble perform: ‘Summer Garden Photograph’

SAT 11 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

An International project-based collaboration of artists working together to create live musical-visual performances. The group established during a residency at DAR residency (Lithuania) in 2014, was formed out of the 9 original members chosen by Egidija Medeksaite (composer), Sound and Music, in partnership with The Lithuanian Composers’ Union, AIR KREMS and The ISCM - Slovak Section and A.I.R. KREMS (Austria). Each concert of ‘Summer Garden Photograph’ – the group’s first work (now touring across Europe) will evolve its structural process, making each performance unique, while allowing a flexible dynamic output..............MORE>

Katsura Yamauchi

Katsura Yamauchi & AKODE (Alan Wilkinson / Kim Johannesen, Ola Høyer / Dag Erik Knedal Andersen)

SUN 12 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

First appearance at Cafe OTO for Japanese saxophonist Katsura Yamauchi alongside British firebrand baritone saxophonist Alan Wilkinson's stunning 'Norwegian' quartet AKODE, with guitarist Kim Johannesen, bassist Ola Høyer, and drummer Dag Erik Knedal Andersen. Katsura Yamauchi picked up his first saxophone in the early 1970s and was quickly drawn to modern jazz, avant-garde and free improvisation. Born in Beppu, far from the traditional creative centers around the bigger cities in Japan, Yamauchi was until recently relatively unknown, but has now shown himself to be one of the most unique musicians in Japan..............MORE>


Hijokaidan + Borbetomagus + Hatsune Kaidan + Roger Turner / Pat Thomas / Alex Ward (trio)

MON 13 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £16 adv / £20 on the door

Colossal triple-bill featuring a coruscating line-up legendary noise / free improv groups Hijokaidan and Borbetomagus, plus a heavyweight new trio of Roger Turner, Pat Thomas and Alex Ward. It was a massive disappointment when Borbetomagus had to cancel their OTO date - along with the rest of their EU tour - last October, and we're thrilled to finally have them over a year later. Joining them on the bill are Japanese Group Hijokaidan, who took the roof off when they closed out the Multipltap festival at OTO in May this year. Support comes in the form of a trio of great English jazz percussionist Roger Turner, the ever-compelling pianist Pat Thomas and polymathic guitarist/clarinetist Alex Ward..............MORE>

Jason Khan
Project Space

OTO PROJECT SPACE // Confront Recordings presents: Jason Kahn & Phil Julian "Valentines" CD Launch + THE SEEN

TUES 14 OCTOBER '14 • 6:00PM • PROJECT SPACE • Tickets : £6 / £10 includes copy of "Valentines" CD (on the door only)

A Confront Recordings launch event for the Jason Kahn & Phil Julian live electronics collaboration CD "Valentines". The pair will perform as a duo and then as part of Mark Wastell's improvising group THE SEEN. Mark Wastell has been organising larger formations of musicians, collectively known as THE SEEN, for over 10 years. Always comprising of an appropriate split between electronic and acoustic performers. Using predominantly improvised material with occasional instructions or themes distributed to individual musicians just prior to performance. No formation has ever been repeated, THE SEEN never stays static..............MORE>

Kammer Klang logo


TUES 14 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £7 adv / £9 on the door

Kammer Klang presents Christian Kesten and Andrea Neumann, for a taste of the latest Berlin sound, and Martin Creed Band performing new songs and old favourites. Christian Kesten – composer, sound and intermedia artist, vocalist and performer – explores in his work the relation between sound and space, by focusing on the physical activity of creating the sound, the physical presence of the performer and the listener in space. This results in compositions which work with space as an own parameter, and/or site-specific works, often exploring the interaction of the audible and the visible. As a vocalist he has developed a repertoire of extended vocal techniques, focusing on noise and subtle nuances of timbres, working with the voice in a rather instrumental way..............MORE>

Peter Zummo

Peter Zummo 6tet: Peter Zummo / Ernie Brooks / Bill Ruyle / Oliver Coates / JD Twitch / Bass Clef

WED 15 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

Six artists, divided by an ocean but bound by a shared musical language, meet for the first time to perform open-form compositions and mutant pop gems. Peter Zummo (trombone, keyboard, voice) leads the New York contingent, which also includes Ernie Brooks (bass and acoustic guitars, voice) and Bill Ruyle (hammer dulcimer, percussion). The three have collaborated closely with the late cellist Arthur Russell, and with each other, since the late 1970s, as well as serving time in such legendary outfits as the Lounge Lizards (Zummo), the Modern Lovers (Brooks) and LaMama (Ruyle). The British contingent is made up of noted cellist Oliver Coates, as well as Keith McIvor, aka JD Twitch of Optimo, and Ralph Cumbers, aka Bass Clef, both of whom will provide beats and live processing..............MORE>

Makoto Kawabata


THU 16 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £12 adv / £15 on the door

After the incredible 2010 edition, Japanese New Music Festival returns to OTO, bringing together Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Atsushi Tsuyama (Acid Mothers Temple) and Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) to present 8 acts between the 3 of them. "This performance at Cafe Oto had everything. And I mean everything. Solo sets. Duo sets. Trio sets. Songs. Instrumentals. Cover versions. Fanfares. Improvisation. Folk. Blues. Prog. Psych. Jazz. Drone. Throat singing. Guitar solos. Singing bowl solos. Bottle solos. Trouser zip solos. Miles Davis impersonations. Grown men wearing furniture on their heads. I swear I’m not making any of this up. This actually happened, at Cafe Oto. Most of all, however, this night had fun. Lots and lots of fun." - Mapsadaisical, review of the 2014 Japanese New Music Festival event.............MORE>

Penultimate Press logo
In residence


FRIDAY 17 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door / £18 2-day pass
Matthew P.Hopkins / Moniek Darge / Call Back the Giants
SATURDAY 18 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door / £18 2-day pass
Astor / Vicky Langan / Graham Lambkin

Two days from two great labels Penultimate Press (UK) and Kye (USA) who've put out some fantastic releases from the likes of Graham Lambkin, Henning Christiansen, Stefan Jaworzyn, Jacques Brodier and Matthew P. Hopkins in recent years.

On the Friday, OTO hosts Tim Goss' macabre pop art project Call Back The Giants - who has carved out a unique musical vision over his past four LPs, composer/violinist/performer/audio artist Moniek Darge - who specialises in both soundscapes and live-art performances in which visual and musical aspects are combined and in interactional improvisation on violin, and Matthew P. Hopkins - whose solo work is characterised by processed voice, crude electronics, tape manipulation and found sounds.

On the Saturday, NY-based multidisciplinary artist and KYE label curator Graham Lambkin returns to OTO, alongside Irish artist Vicky Lanagan - whose vulnerable, emotionally charged performances envelop audiences in an often troublingly intense aura of dark intimacy, and Mark Harwood's project Astor - whose works encompass a wide variety of sources and techniques as a means of exploring audio that rubs shoulders with narrative, the visual and the hallucinogenic............MORE>

Ela Stiles

Ela Stiles

SUN 19 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

Over the years, Ela Stiles has built a name for herself as an adept musician in Sydney’s often strange and varied music scene. Moving beyond her work in local favourites Songs, she became a driving force in Melbourne outfit Bushwalking, releasing two records with the band while still based in Sydney and working on numerous projects. Her work with Nisa Venerosa and Karl Scullin in Bushwalking has obviously influenced the vocal performances found on her solo album, yet there is something beyond the jagged, new-Australiana here. A single vocal becomes far more powerful than amplified sound; the shock of being able to hide nothing is new in a tradition of rock music...........MORE>

Implosion logo
Project Space
In Residence



Implosion is a sound installation of words. The voices of many Londoners tell us a single story of a person sonically isolated from the outside world. The voices sound out the text revealing details of language, delivery and accent which are then organised as music.

You might find yourself strolling through the character's lunatic imagination as they're exposed to unusual occurrences (meeting a firebird, diving into a tunnel, finding a sinister philharmonic) or bouncing off the words like in a pinball machine. Immerse yourself in the spatial sound setup or get up and look for other sound sources in Cafe OTO’s project space..............MORE>

Evan Parker
In residence

Evan@70: Evan Parker + The Necks

MON 20 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £15 adv / £18 on the door / £70 7-day pass

Evan Parker is one of the great saxophone players, pushing the instrument into uncharted waters since his emergence in the late 1960s. To mark his 70th year, Parker curates a week of performances at the Vortex and Cafe OTO.

For the first night of the celebrations, Parker performs with the legendary Australian improvising trio The Necks. Parker has only performed with The Necks on one previous occasion for the BBC's Late Junction last year, with the Australian trio specifically requesting him as somebody with whom they'd like to record a session. Tony Buck later credited the experience of playing with Parker as being largely influential in the remarkable set The Necks played at Cafe OTO later the same day. Tonight's performance brings four masters of their craft back together to build on the tantalising fragments they laid down last time around...........MORE>

Jerusalem In My Heart by Tanya Traboulsi

Jerusalem In My Heart

TUES 21 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

Jerusalem In My Heart (JIMH) has been a live audio-visual happening since 2005, with Montréal-based producer and musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh at its core. Moumneh is a Lebanese national who has spent a large part of his adult life in Canada and has been a fixture of the Montréal independent music community from his early days as guitarist in various notable 90s bands to his tireless activity as a sound engineer and producer over the last decade. Moumneh is also active in the Beirut and Lebanese experimental music scenes, where he spends a few months every year. With performances occurring 1-3 times per year, no two Jerusalem In My Heart events have ever been the same: configurations have ranged from 2 to 24 participants, with varying degrees of theatrical stage action alongside a film/video component. Moumneh's vocals and purposefully blown-out sonic sensibility have been the consistent thread, but the music of JIMH has never repeated itself either – one of the reasons Moumneh has resisted any official documentation or definitive recording of the project over the past eight years...........MORE>

Evan Parker
In residence

Evan@70: Evan Parker + AMM (John Tilbury & Eddie Prévost)

WED 22 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door / £70 7-day pass

Evan Parker is one of the great saxophone players, pushing the instrument into uncharted waters since his emergence in the late 1960s. To mark his 70th year, Parker curates a week of performances at the Vortex and Cafe OTO.

For the third night of the celebrations, Parker performs with longstanding collaborators, the pioneering British free improvisation group AMM in their current incarnation of John Tilbury and Eddie Prévost. Percussionist Prévost was one of the group’s founders and is also the author to several books about improvisation. Piano player Tilbury is considered one of the major interpreters of contemporary piano music, particularly Anglo American composers such as Cage, Feldman and Cardew, in addition being an improviser. Tilbury is also author to a biography of Cornelius Cardew. Parker has released recording with both Tilbury and Prévost as well as founding the Freedom of the City festival with Prévost in 2001...........MORE>

Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo - Solo Acoustic + Xu Shaoyang

THU 23 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • SOLD OUT

Singer-songwriter, visual artist, record producer and co-founder of Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo is an iconic guitar player with a solo discography that spans three decades. This is a very rare chance to see him playing solo and acoustic. "When Last Night on Earth gets it right, the results are magical – the searing ‘The Rising Tide’ is the highlight of any post-Youth output to date – and whilst we’re likely to be denied the special alchemy that the four of them seemed capable of conjuring up with such consummate ease for so long for the foreseeable future, we still have the opportunity to hear genuine pioneers of alternative rock making music on their own terms – we should cherish them while we can." - The Line of Best Fit, review of 'Last Night On Earth'.............MORE>

Evan Parker
In residence

Evan@70: Evan Parker / John Edwards / John Russell

FRI 24 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door / £70 7-day pass

Evan Parker is one of the great saxophone players, pushing the instrument into uncharted waters since his emergence in the late 1960s. To mark his 70th year, Parker curates a week of performances at the Vortex and Cafe OTO.

For the fifth night of the celebrations, Parker performs with two great improvising musicians with whom he has had many memorable encounters in the past in the form of bassist John Edwards and guitarist John Russell. "Improvisation as it should be—players completely attuned to each other and their instruments—yet aware of the listeners' reactions as well. Parker is well established—and with good reason—as one of the best improvisers of our time. He plays intuitively, his changes, movement and sense of need completely right." - All About Jazz, review of Parker/Edwards/Russell at The Vortex, 2013..........MORE>

Six Organs of Admittance

Six Organs of Admittance + Noveller

SAT 25 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

Solo show from Ben Chasny's (Comets on Fire, Rangda, New Bums) long-running psych/drone/avant/folk project, Six Organs of Admittance. Taking as much inspirations from ambient textures and noise squall as it does on the fingerpicked acoustic guitar which has formed the bedrock of Chasny's recorded output, the Six Organs of Admittance sound has expanded to encompass a huge sonic span. Initially starting as a solo endeavour, it has since welcomed a wide array of collaborators both on recordings and in live performances, including the likes of Chris Corsano, Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers), and Alex Neilson. Chasny performs a solo set tonight, drawing on a vast and varied discography. Support comes from Noveller - the solo electric guitar project of Austin-based composer and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate............MORE>

Evan Parker
In residence

Evan@70: Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble with Phil Wachsmann / Barry Guy / Adam Linson / Paul Obermayer / Lawrence Casserley

SUN 26 OCTOBER '14 • 8PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door / £70 7-day pass

Evan Parker is one of the great saxophone players, pushing the instrument into uncharted waters since his emergence in the late 1960s. To mark his 70th year, Parker curates a week of performances at the Vortex and Cafe OTO.

For the final night of the celebrations, Parker ends the week on a high with a rare performance with his Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. Formed in 1990 as a sextet to explore the possibilities of real time signal processing in an improvising context, it has grown to an astonishing eighteen piece chamber orchestra. With a shifting line-up that has included the likes of Ikue Mori, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton and Peter Evans in previous incarnations, the Ensemble aims to exploit the constantly evolving possibilities that technology provides in a large group setting..........MORE>

Mel Davis by Fabio Lugaro

The People Band + Guests - A Celebratory Tribute To Mel Davis

TUES 28 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

The People Band return to Cafe OTO to celebrate the life and music of Mel Davis - an outstanding figure on the British improv scene - who left us on 28 October 2013. Besides the People Band, Mel's spiritual home, the gig will feature many talented musicians and other special guests. For this concert The People Band is likely to include Terry Day, George Khan, Mike Figgis, Paul Jolly, Davey Payne, Charlie Hart, Adam Hart, Lyn Dobson and Tony Edwards..............MORE>

Anthony Pateras by Traianos Pakioufakis

Anthony Pateras + Rafael Toral

WED 29 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

A pair of solo improvisations from two distinctive artists. Anthony Pateras is a pianist and composer from Melbourne, living and working in Brussels. His work is unified by the simultaneous investigation of the formalized, intuitive, electronic and acoustic. Not one to be easily pigeon-holed, his eclectic creative output has led him to collaborate with artists as varied as Han Bennink, Paul Lovens, Stephen O’Malley, The Necks and Mike Patton. Rafael Toral is an electronic musicians whose practice focuses on the physical performance of experimental electronic instruments to deliver music that is full of clarity and space, articulating silence and sound in a thoughtful, yet physical way. Formerly known for his drone/ ambient work with guitar and electronics, he has since collaborated with the likes of Jim O'Rourke, Evan Parker, Chris Corsano, Alvin Lucier, John Zorn, and Christian Marclay..............MORE>

Zoviet France

10 Years of alt.vinyl with :Zoviet*France: + Winter Family + Rhodri Davies

THU 30 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

Its been a strange trip. 10 years, 1 record store, 1 festival, untold gigs, 60 label releases and counting, and working with some of the most dynamic, creative artists in contemporary music on a roster that includes Zoviet * France, Rhodri Davies, Winter Family, Richard Dawson, Liz Allbee & Burkhard Beins, John Butcher & Gino Robair, Nikos Veliotis & Xavier Charles, Aaron More, Nick Mott, Daniel Padden, Family Elan, Nalle, MV&EE, Prurient, Jazzfinger, Demons, Astral Social Club, Atom Earth Mother, Hapsburg Braganza, Control Unit, C Joynes, Warm Digits, Karl Bosmann, Hive Mind, Robedoor, Burial Hex, Anahita, Helena Espvall & Marcia Bassett, Riel, Anla Courtis and many more.............MORE>

Mark Fell

Mark Fell / Keith Fullerton Whitman + Thomas Ankersmit

FRI 31 OCTOBER '14 • 8:00PM • £12 adv / £15 on the door

Hard to think of a more exciting prospect as two of electronic music's great pioneers come together as part of a new project. Mark Fell's work - ranging from minimal electronic music, to sound installations and audio-visual works - has placed him at the forefront of a rapidly expanding area of extreme and independent computer music, whilst few musicians are able to so fully occupy electronic music's collective conscious as much as Keith Fullerton Whitman. Long-time admirers of each other's work, they have only recently started collaborating and this will be their first tour together - you can guarantee it will be one not to miss. We'll have an extra PA system in for the night to ensure full quadrophonic immersion. Also on the bill is a welcome return to OTO for Dutch-born, Berlin based electronic musician and installation artist Thomas Ankersmit, who will be giving the debut performance of a new piece commissioned by Cafe OTO specially for this event...............MORE>

Harald Grosskopf by Detlef Maugsch

Harald Grosskopf + Pye Corner Audio + Glottalstop

SUN 2 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £12 adv / £14 on the door

In the late 70’s Harald Grosskopf took to an apartment with his Minimoog and recorded one of the first great albums to be tagged kosmische, Synthesist. His work in the 80’s has had something of a revival of late, thanks to high profile fans like Oneohtrix Point Never. His shimmering, propulsive synth pieces manage to be both experimental and accessible, and is a touchstone for many modern out-sounds. Be Prepared could not be more delighted to present this rare London show..............MORE>

Kammer Klang logo


TUES 4 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £7 adv / £9 on the door

Kammer Klang presents Juliet Fraser (voice) and Maxime Echardour (percussion) performing a new work by Andrew Hamilton, and Lina Lapelyte singing her own work. Lina Lapelyte lives and works in London and Vilnius. She is an artist, composer, musician and performer. In her recent operas such as Have a good Day! and Candy Shop she has been exploring the phenomena of song, using it as an object with which to examine issues of displacement, otherness and beauty. Along with Rie Nakajima, Richard Skelton and Jennifer Walshe, Lapelyte was shortlisted for the 2014 Arts Foundation award for experimental music..............MORE>

Rodion G.A.

Upset The Rhythm presents: RODION G.A.

WED 5 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

RODION G.A. are without doubt, one of music’s best-kept secrets. That’s despite being around for nearly forty years. The story begins when a musical visionary decided to form his own band in Romania four decades ago. It was between 1975 and 1976, when the Rodion G.A. story begins. That’s when Rodion Rosca formed the band that bore his name. This would be no ordinary band, far from it. Rodion G.A. would become one of the most innovative bands in Romanian musical history. In 1975, Rodion joined with Gicu Farcas and Adrian Caparu to complete the lineup of Rodion G.A. By 1975, Rodion had amassed an eclectic selection of equipment and established a reputation as a D.I.Y. tech wizard. He created his own unique way of creating music on reel-to-reel tape recorders, using the various tape machines to multitrack. His nascent studio included several Tesia tape recorders, drum machines, phasers, flangers and fuzz pedals. Then there were a toy Casio VL Tone and a Soviet made Faemi organ. Like the music Rodion G.A. were making, the equipment they were using was just as leftfield and eclectic..............MORE>

Cordyceps Is Your Friend poster

Cordyceps Is Your Friend: Ewa Justka + Embla Quickbeam + Luke Jordan + Pascal Savy + Grapefruits + Laid Eyes (filmprojection) + Electric Knife Records (DJ)

FRI 7 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £4 adv / £5 door / £10 with screenprinted poster

Sonic seeds and spores from Polish electronic noise artist Ewa Justka, hypnotic Brighton-based musician Embla Quickbeam, sculptural sound artist Luke Jordan, electro-acoustic composer Pascal Savy, and synth/cello improv duo Grapefruits. Plus filmprojektion from Laid Eyes and Electric Knife Records DJing throughout and til late. Ewa Justka is a Polish electronic noise artist based in London. She currently studies BA Sound Arts & Design at London College of Communication. She completed an internship in physical computing at STEIM, Amsterdam, where she was working on documentation of Black Box modular system. Justka’s main field of research is based on exploration of materiality of objects, vibrant, ontological systems (human bodies, plants’ bodies, electronic circuits: varied range of micro and macro environments and relations between them) and an investigation of modes of quasi-direct perception through noise performance actions, interactive installation, DIY electronics, hardware hacking, plant-molesting, breaking, deconstructing and collaborating..............MORE>

Valerio Tricoli

Valerio Tricoli + Spyros Polychronopoulos

SUN 9 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

One of Italy's more enigmatic electronic musicians - Tricoli has been investigating the complex relationship between self, sound and devices for more than a decade - Psychic processes translated in soundscapes, and vice versa. He is a member of 3/4 Hand Been Eliminated (Häpna / Die Schactel) - a super-group drawn from Italy's improvising community that carries on the mantle handed down by This Heat, intertwining musique concrete and free improv with rock dynamics. His two solo works on Bowindo 'Metaprogramming within the eye of the storm' and 'Did They? Did I?' offer up two slabs of brilliantly baffling musique concrete and his nimble production work added much to the distinct soundworld of Autistic Daughters' two records and Dean Roberts 'Be Mine Tonight' (Kranky). Most recent album, Miseri Lares on PAN crafts a visceral and oppressive sonic morass in a masterclass of crafted sound and unsettling textures..............MORE>

Dave Smith

Dave Smith - solo piano

MON 10 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

British composer and pianist Dave Smith performs a selection of his works for piano, including his '9th Piano Concert'. A member of the Scratch Orchestra in the 1970's and a contemporary and collaborator of Cornelius Cardew, Gavin Bryars and John White amongst others, Smith has amassed an extensive body of work that draws on a wide range of influences from contemporary composition to Javanese classical and Albanian folk musics. Many of his piano works have been performed by pianist John Tilbury (including 'Al Contrario' at OTO last December), who remains a strong supporter..............MORE>

Luke Abbott

Luke Abbott + Karen Gwyer + Laura Cannell

TUES 11 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £11.50 adv / £TBA on the door

Gearing up for the release of his second album Wysing Forest, due on 23 June via Border Community, Luke Abbott has recently revealed new album cuts ‘Amphis’ & ‘Free Migration’; it's bubbling synths and quickening pace making for a quietly exhilarating trip. An accompanying live touring schedule has kept Luke and his handcrafted hardware-jams rumbling across the clubs, gigs and festival of Europe throughout the years. Somewhere between the twin poles of Krautrock and techno, Luke’s hypnotic entrancements seem to connect with something deep, intuiting an urge to dance that is seemingly innate..............MORE>

Steve Gunn by Constance Mensh

Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper

WED 12 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

Two great guitarists make a welcome return to OTO, playing both solo and in a very special duo set following the release of their new collaborative album, Cantos de Lisboa. Steve Gunn has been a stalwart of the American experimental scene for closing in on a decade. He has a prodigious talent for fusing traditional american song structures with a raga influence and is known by many for his contributions as one half of the core duo behind GHQ (with Marcia Bassett) as well as for his many other affiliations with underground luminaries such as Tom Carter, The Magik Markers and Marc Orleans. Mike Cooper should need no introduction - for the past 45 years he has been an international musical explorer pushing the boundaries of his music. Initially a folk-blues guitarist he is as responsible as anyone else - and more so than many - for ushering in the blues boom in the U.K. in the late '60s. Cantos de Lisboa finds both artists effortlessly falling into step with one another in a recording that perfectly reflects - and builds on - the talents involved..............MORE>

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto

Giovanni Di Domenico / Tatsuhisa Yamamoto / John Edwards + Xomaltesc Tbobhni

MON 17 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 door / £15 two-day pass with 18 November

First of two nights featuring the Japanese acoustic drummer Tatsuhisa Yamamoto and Italian pianist Giovanni Di Domenico. One of the brightest lights of Japan's improv scene, this will be the first visit to OTO for Tatsuhisa Yamamoto since his fantastic two-day residency split with the Barbican in 2011, and it's a pleasure to have him back. Giovanni Di Domenico's myriad influences have formed into a compellingly original style that has seen him play with the likes of Jim O'Rourke, Nate Wooley, Arve Henriksen and Toshimaru Nakeamura. Joining them will be bassist John Edwards, who formed part of a fantastic quartet alongside Di Domenico, Steve Noble and the great Japanese saxophonist Akira Sakata at OTO earlier this year. Also on the bill will be Xomaltesc Tbobhni, the relentlessly exacting duo of drummer Paull Abbott and saxophonist Seymour Wright..............MORE>

Giovanni Di Domenico by Dawid Laskowski

Giovanni Di Domenico + Tatsuhisa Yamamoto / Pat Thomas + Xomaltesc Tbobhni

TUES 18 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 door / £15 two-day pass with 17 November

Second of two nights featuring the Japanese acoustic drummer Tatsuhisa Yamamoto and Italian pianist Giovanni Di Domenico. One of the brightest lights of Japan's improv scene, this will be the first visit to OTO for Tatsuhisa Yamamoto since his fantastic two-day residency split with the Barbican in 2011, and it's a pleasure to have him back. Giovanni Di Domenico's myriad influences have formed into a compellingly original style that has seen him play with the likes of Jim O'Rourke, Nate Wooley, Arve Henriksen and Toshimaru Nakeamura. For this evening, Di Domenico will perform a solo set, whilst Tatsuhisa Yamamoto performs in a duo with pianist Pat Thomas, with whom he struck up a hypnotic repartee at The Barbican last time around. Also on the bill will be Xomaltesc Tbobhni, the relentlessly exacting duo of drummer Paull Abbott and saxophonist Seymour Wright..............MORE>

Hakon Stene

Håkon Stene + Sigbjørn Apeland

FRI 21 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £12 on the door

The Hubro label presents Norwegian percussionist Håkon Stene's Lush Laments For Lazy Mammal and improvising harmonium player Sigbjørn Apeland's Glossolalia. Håkon Stene is a Norwegian percussionist specializing in contemporary music performance. In addition to performing in a variety of contexts throughout Europe, he is currently involved in artistic research and teaching at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Sigbjørn Apeland (born 1966) is a Norwegian record producer, musician (organ, harmonium) and the only Norwegian to have obtained a doctorate in ethnomusicology. He is known for his distinctive mix of folk music, church music and improvised music. He works as an organist, and specialized in free jazz with the legendary British drummer John Stevens; he has contributed to numerous recordings with Nils Økland and Sigrid Moldestad, folk singers Åsne Valland Nordli, Berit Opheim Versto and Agnes Buen Garnås, jazz musicians Øyvind Skarbø, Per Jørgensen and Bjørn Kjellemyr, electronica innovators Alog and noise duo Golden Serenades, in addition to many others..............MORE>

Jan Jelinek and Masayoshi Fujita


SAT 22 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door

Electronic music pioneer Jan Jelinek performs a one-off UK live show with Japanese experimental vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita. Jelinek has been at the forefront of German electronic music since his early forays into glitch and micro-house. Together they create expansive audio tapestries weaving together sounds of Jazz, Techno and Krautrock into an unmissable live experience. Also on the bill is Katie English, aka Isnaj Dui, who writes neo-impressionistic music using flutes, homemade dulcimers and electronics, and the debut performance of the new music project by Stefan Panczak (Inch-time / Mystery Plays Records) - Old Bones.............MORE>


Alien Jams presents: Shapednoise + oMMM + Design a Wave + Shelley Parker (DJ)

THU 27 NOVEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

Alien Jams welcomes Shapednoise, oMMM and Design a Wave to Cafe OTO. Shelley Parker will also be djing throughout the evening. Traveling from Berlin for his debut live set in London, Shapednoise aka Nino Pedone is one of the founders of Repitch Recordings, 1/2 of Violetshaped, as well as a solo artist in his own right. He has released music on Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions as well as Opal Tapes, and most recently has a 12" on Russian Torrent Versions. With work that spans from gutter crawling experimental noise that might be found on a lost horror soundtrack, to all-encompassing mechanical techno, Shapednoise scours every dark corner of the Earth for his dread-filled offerings.............MORE>

John Butcher by Peter Gannushkin
In residence

John Butcher at 60

FRIDAY 28 NOVEMBER '14 • 8PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door / £18 2-day pass
- John Butcher + Rhodri Davies (electric harp)
- Magda Mayas (piano) + Angharad Davies (amplified violin)
- John Butcher + Gino Robair (drums & electronics) + dieb13 (turntables)

SATURDAY 29 NOVEMBER '14 • 8PM • £10 adv / £12 on the door / £18 2-day pass
- John Butcher + Guillaume Viltard + Dominic Lash + Olie Brice (double basses)
- Gino Robair + Rhodri Davies + Adam Bohman
- Vellum: John Butcher + Magda Mayas (piano) + Tony Buck (drums)

A very special two-day residency to celebrate the 60th birthday of one of the greats of improvised music - John Butcher. Featuring a line-up comprised of some of Butcher's closest and most long-standing collaborators as well as some brand-new groupings brought together specially for these two days, this should be a unmissable celebratory residency for a musician who has provided a whole host of highlights at Cafe OTO since we opened.

John Butcher is a saxophonist of rare grace and power, who has expanded the vocabulary of the saxophone far beyond the conventions of jazz and other musics, to encompass a staggering range of harmonics, multiphonics, overtones, percussive sounds, and electronic feedback. But his playing is far more than merely an array of special effects: it's characterised by an intensity that propels it into strange new places that are both incredibly beautiful and deeply exhilarating...........MORE>

Citation City

Jennifer Walshe + Sharon Gal & Andie Brown + People Like Us

TUES 9 DECEMBER '14 • 8:00PM • £8 adv / £10 on the door

A programme of sound and vision in three sets; presenting new music by four unique performers, and including the UK Premiere of "CITATION CITY" by People Like Us. Citation City is inspired by 'The Arcades Project' by Walter Benjamin, created from 1000s of clippings of text and visual media from 19th Century Paris, collaged using a system of "convolutes", collated around subjects of key motifs, historical figures, social types, cultural objects from the time. By gathering and assembling such groups of similar yet unrelated, he revealed a hidden, magical encyclopaedia of affinities, a massive and labyrinthine architecture of a collective dream city. On reading Benjamin, his forward thinking approach to editing astonished Vicki Bennett, and the similarity of their creative processes of cutting and collating extensive lists of subject matter by context.............MORE>