PRAED (Raed Yassin & Paed Conca) + Stephane Rives / Sharif Sehnaoui / Roger Turner (trio)


Monday 4 February 2013


Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £7 adv / £8 on the door


Swiss/Lebanese duo of Raed Yassin and Paed Conca - exploring music and collective memory through dislocated audio fragments - perform alongside improvising trio of Stephane Rives, Sharif Sehnaoui and Roger Turner.


Raed Yassin : keyboard, electronics, laptop & vocals
Paed Conca : Clarinet, Electric bass & electronics

Praed is the duo of Swiss musician Paed Conca and Lebanese artist/musician Raed Yassin. With three releases to date and six years of musical and artistic collaboration, the duo experiments with a complex and vast terrain of sonic/musical influences and geographies. Through a critical examination of the relationship between music and collective memory, Conca and Yassin fabricate a soundscape composed of dislocated audio fragments: vocal samples stripped of their corresponding bodies, sounds freed of their images, musical abstractions here and there…

Their third CD sounds like a neo-noir soundtrack set somewhere between Cairo and Tokyo. Punches, screams, and bits and pieces of conversations clash with booming stretches of clarinet and double-bass rumbles. Heavily invested in drawing out the potentialities of sampling, the duo’s recordings are often offshoots of live performances in which radio transmissions, film soundtracks, and vinyl create a synthetic musical tension filled with whimsical loops and melancholy tones.

STEPHANE RIVES / soprano sax

"what distinguishes [Rives] is the way in which he personally transforms these shared elements into his own private, sometimes densely coded language." Dusted Magazine


Sharif Sehnaoui is a free improvising guitarist. He plays both electric & acoustic guitars, with (or without) extended and prepared techniques, focusing on expanding the intrinsic possibilities of these instruments without the use of effects or electronics. He now resides in Beirut, his hometown, after more than a decade in Paris, where he started his career as an improviser in 1998, playing at Instants Chavirés where he was a member of several orchestras. He has since performed his music worldwide and played in many clubs & festivals such as Soundfield (Chicago), Moers, Konfrontationen (Nickelsdorf), Météo Music Festival (Mulhouse), Club Transmediale (Berlin), Skanu Mesz (Riga) or Musikprotokoll (Graz).

In Lebanon, he actively contributed to the emergence of an unprecedented experimental music scene. Along with Mazen Kerbaj he created “Irtijal” ( in 2000, a yearly international festival that is at the moment the only improvised and new music festival in the Arab world. “Irtijal” celebrated its Xth anniversary in 2010.

He also runs several labels: “Al Maslakh” ( devoted to "publish the un-publishable" on the Lebanese musical scene. “Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu” ( an Al Maslakh sub-label dedicated to rock oriented experimentations. And finally, “Annihaya” (, focusing on sampling, recycling and the displacement of various aspects of popular culture.

His main groups and projects include the “A” Trio (with Kerbaj & Raed Yassin), BAO (with Kerbaj, Charbel Haber & Tony Elieh), an acoustic guitar solo using exclusively percussion techniques and “Wormholes” an audio-visual performance with Kerbaj drawing live on a glass table.

ROGER TURNER / drums, percussion

Roger Turner is applauded for his precision and speed since he entered the London improvising scene in the 1970s. His restricted drum kit is extended by found objects to create a sound comparable to no other. He’s played with Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, Otomo Yoshihide, Shelley Hirsch, Joëlle Léandre, Keith Rowe...

“Turner [used] brushes to create a wild spattering and scattering of sound from cymbal and snare, with sudden explosions from tom and kick drums. At times in this early passage he sounded like rain on a caravan roof, at others like a tool box in the back of a moving van” - Molloy Woodcraft, The Guardian