Outshine Family + Clang Sayne

Outshine Family

Friday 4 March 2011


Doors: 8pm
Tickets: £6 advance / £7 on the door


Outshine Family launch their new opus 'Galeria De La Luz' alongside fellow travellers combining out-sonics and improvisation with songform - Clang Sayne.


Outshine Family (previously known as Function) is the vision of Matthew Liam Nicholson, native of Melbourne, resident of London. Widely lauded by key indie barometers including Pitchfork, Boomkat and Rough Trade, Nicholson has toured Europe and North America extensively (in former incarnation Function) and has shared stages with countless alternative heavy weights including Low, Fennesz, Animal Collective and Espers.

With new album ‘Galeria De La Luz’ Outshine Family deliver a remarkable set that stands up next to any indie classic of the past twenty years and files perfectly next to Jim O’Rourke, My Bloody Valentine, Sufjan Stevens, Low, Fennesz and Sonic Youth’s more reflective moments.

Recorded and mixed across three continents over a period of four years, expansive production and composition techniques weave exquisite electronics with a full orchestra and a choir to fully realise the potential of Nicholson’s delicately beautiful songs. Featuring a kaleidoscope of picked guitars, acid washed banjos, harmoniums, haunting piano lines, winds, brass and strings, Galeria De la Luz, with all it's 75 musicians, makes for unforgettable and highly addictive listening.

Live, Outshine Family now comprise a small band of multi-instrumentalists - Matt on Guitar/Electronics/Vocals, Carina Thorén (Vocals/Flute), Dom Garwood (Keyboards/Clarinet) and John Chantler (percussion/electronics) - realising unique versions of songs from Galeria, Function's 'Secret Miracle Fountain' and a handful of new songs.

Outshine Family website

Preview by Outshine Family

Galeria de la luz from outshine family on Vimeo.


Directed by songwriter/improvisor Laura Hyland, Clang Sayne explore the boundaries between traditional song and free improvisation. The group began as a song-based collaboration between Laura, and guitarist, James O Sullivan in 2007, and later expanded to include bassist, Peter Marsh and percussionist, Paul May.

Their debut album, 'Winterlands', released in September 2009, has been described as "exhillarating and modest, yet perverse in its refusal to conform" (Clive Bell, The Wire)

"showcasing an uncategorisable approach to song craft that brings to mind the music of Tim Buckley, Jandek and David Sylvian's collaborations with Derek Bailey."

"Sandy Denny at her most fervent joining the sessions for Mark Hollis’ solo record" (Baked Goods)

"an explicit and compelling example of music that interrogates traditional forms but explodes them due to some unnameable creative imperative” (Scott McMillian, Mapsidaisical)

Both the album and their initial live performances focused on improvised interpretations of Laura's songs, however recently they have begun taking a more spontaneous approach to song craft, whereby they improvise melodies, rhythms and textures around lyrics and texts, and vice versa.

Clayne Sayne website

A Ritual To Read To Each Other by Clang Sayne