Phil Julian & John Macedo + Martins Rokis + Paul Abbott

Martins Rokis

Monday 20 May 2013


Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £5 adv / £6 on the door


An evening of adventurous computer music, analog synthesis and electro-acoustic recombination with Martins Rokis' canny blend of computer music, psychedelic noise and sound art made with his own self-built synthesis software, deft constructions for computer-controlled analog synth from Cheapmachines' Phil Julian in duo with John Macedo and Paul Abbott's new solo project for computer and percussion.


Under both the Cheapmachines alias and his own name, Phil Julian has been venturing across various strains of unorthodox sound since the late 1990's, with his prolific output on a catalogue of imprints encompassing sonic textures that run the gamut from harsh squalls of noise to compositions using hyper-minimalistic timbres and drones.

John Macedo is a sound artist from London. He has a pluralistic approach to composition which focuses on movement, subtle detail, and capturing unrepeatable events while revealing the creative/musical potential in all sounds. A student of synthesis from digital to analog, academia to noise, he performs solo and in collaboration with other musicians on modular synthesiser, custom-made software and electronics.

The pair have been playing as a live duo since early 2012 using dual modular synthesisers, electronics and computers. |


Martins Rokis has been experimenting with various electronic music forms since the late 90’s, hiding under short lived aliases, co-producing radio show on local underground radio and working as a DJ.

While studying philosophy and delving into sound programming his focus gradually shifted away from musical aspects of sound more towards experiential relationships between sound, space and body in general.

Currently using mostly self-built synthesis software he is crossing boundaries between so-called computer music, psychedelic noise and sound art, blending generative strategies with improvisation.

PAUL ABBOTT - anTrgor rEiz

collisions, attempts and learnings - through a drum kit and a computer, teased by the following possibilities:

(swing-list 001 - for 14hh/10tt/14sn/14ft/16bd/18rc/pd)

      01 getting outs, gettings out. N excavations.
      02 raw feels at turgor membrane.
      03 guts inverted: warm/loathing, slippy/risks, limp/augmentation.
      04 hope perpendicular pushes, stretches and breaks.
      05 n3 technologies in diaBOlogical analysis, exploration, ant/agony against oppressive consolidation (taxoclumps, compounds, commodities).
      06 crude pulses; deep, bound, elastic for no-priority.
      07 all apparent absentees replace focus.
      08 vegus sub-divisions outfrom many wobbly planes.
      09 marginal fold-ins rub unboolean contingent limits against panic.