Keith Fullerton Whitman + Mohammad + Some Truths

Keith Fullerton Whitman

Friday 1st February 2013


Door Times : 8pm


PAN and Cafe OTO present an evening of Keith Fullerton Whitman's 'Live Electronic Music' in full-range quad + the debut UK performance from Mohammad - a string/electronics trio feat. Nikos Veliotis, Coti K and ILIOS and a one-off modular synth meditation from Bass Clef in his Some Truths guise.


Few musicians are able to so fully occupy electronic music's collective conscious as much as Keith Fullerton Whitman. His extensive knowledge of historical and contemporary avant-praxis is only topped by his uncanny knack of making what has gone before him truly his own by executing both simple and complex ideas with ambition, precision and fearless adventure from the early breakcore under the Hrvatski moniker to the guitar/computer constructs of his 'playthroughs' system to his unrivalled command of the various hybrid analog/digital modular synth topologies that make up his 'live electronic music' setup. It's a pleasure to have him perform at Cafe OTO through a full-range quadraphonic speaker array.

Interview out-takes on the WIRE website

Live @ Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne, Australia, July 21st, 2012. from Keith Fullerton Whitman on Vimeo.


Mohammad is the project of Coti K, ILIOS and Nikos Veliotis. Having worked separately in the experimental field they decided to join forces in order to study and work on the principles of inter-modulation using contra-bass (Coti K.), oscillators (ILIOS) and cello (Nikos Veliotis). They will release a new LP in in early 2013 on PAN records.


Some Truths is a new project from Ralph Cumbers aka Bass Clef. Made entirely on a modular synth, with each live performance unique, written at the soundcheck, the only way.

Each track is a one-take meditation, always changing but always the same, like light and wind on water, or an oil slick in a puddle of rain. Reference points and inspiration would be Eliane Radigue, John Carpenter, Mika Vainio , Vladislav Delay and The Radiophonic Workshop.

The debut album The First Gate Of Dreaming was released on cassette by new label MAGIC + DREAMS, to be followed by second album Damnation Poisoned With Rainbows in the summer.

Some Truths will make its vinyl debut on a new 12” on Mordant Music (who first released Shackleton) alongside tracks by kindred spirit Ekoplekz.