Ikue Mori / Steve Noble duo + Pat Thomas solo

Ikue Mori

Monday 24 June 2013


Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £10 adv, £12 on the door


Ikue Mori and Steve Noble first played together in 2010, here at Cafe Oto. It was immediately evident to everyone in the room that something had clicked and a very special combination had emerged. A second encounter in 2011 more than confirmed this initial impression and extended the range of the duo, opening up plenty of ground to be explored in their third meeting.

Apparently operating according to some sort of shared dream logic, Mori and Noble’s music is always unpredictable but never incoherent, switching suddenly between ominous abstract soundscapes and exuberant rhythmic interplay, peppered with strange recurrences, idiomatic fragments and vertiginous changes of perspective, and characterized by a strong sense of forward momentum.

From her beginnings drumming with the seminal no wave unit DNA, Mori has always had a distinctively percussive sensibility, and her deft electronic manipulations merge perfectly with Noble’s fiercely physical handiwork. Drums and their digital double: the similarities and differences overlap and interrupt, crystallize and dissolve, split and converge into a fast-flowing torrent of compelling musical activity.

Their first duo album, Prediction and Warning, will soon be released on Fataka.


“Steve Noble[‘s] armoury of textures and tones is an acoustic mirror of [Ikue] Mori’s electronica, and just as spellbinding. He attacks his orthodox, loose-skinned drum kit from all angles, lays upturned gongs on the drumheads and is a master of orthodoxy as well as the avant-garde. His duet with Mori was the evening’s highlight, a pulsating welter of scrapes, thumps and press rolls interrupted by silences made sinister by the tick of an off-kilter metronome.” – Mike Hobart, Financial Times

Ikue Mori photo by Peter Gannushkin / Downtownmusic.net

PAT THOMAS / piano (solo)

We're delighted to announce that Pat Thomas will also be performing solo on the night.

"[Pat] Thomas runs the gamut of techniques, splashing clusters, weaving contrapuntal lines and building elaborate structures from the inside out. Despite their variety, they share a fundamental quality – they truly sound like spur of the moment creations, not the final draft of ideas mulled over for weeks, if not months on end" - Bill Shoemaker, Point of Departure

"The first time I saw Pat Thomas perform, at Hugh Metcalfe’s Klinker club, he built an entire set from manipulating two Walkmen. It gives an idea of his quixotic approach . . . Thomas is an artist operating by his own personal equations." - Daniel Spicer, The Wire