Voice Extraordinaire - A concert for voice and electronics with Sharon Gal, Elaine Mitchener, Phil Minton, Steve Beresford and David Toop.

BVoice Extraordinaire

Tuesday 12 March 2013


Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £6 adv / £7 on the door


Voice extraordinaire is a concert focusing on the voice, exploring the wide range of vocal expression. It’s a visceral journey in an ever changing landscape, travelling in sound and moving between the absurd and the sublime. The performance brings together three unique and experimental singers who are pushing the boundaries of vocal performance. They are joined by two musical masters and electronics conjurers, weaving a rich and luminous tapestry of sounds and human emotions.


Elaine Mitchener is a vocalist noted for her mixture of styles drawing from sources as varied as classical music, gospel, soul, jazz, and experimental/free improvisation. She has recently worked with Steve Beresford, Frederic Blondy, John Butcher, Attila Csihar, Max Eastley, Heiner Goebbels, Henry Grimes, Christian Marclay, Phil Minton, Maggie Nichols, Evan Parker, Mark Sanders, David Toop and Roger Turner.



Phil Minton comes from Torquay. He played trumpet and sang with the Mike Westbrook Band in the early 60s - Then in dance and rock bands in Europe for the later of part of the decade. He returned to England in 1971, rejoining Westbrook and was involved in many of his projects until the mid 1980′s.

For most of the last forty years, Minton has been working as an improvising singer in lots of groups, orchestras, and situations. Numerous composers have written music especially for his extended vocal techniques. He has a quartet with Veryan Weston, Roger Turner and John Butcher, and ongoing duos, trios and quartets with above and many other musicians.

Since the eighties, His Feral Choir, where he voice-conducts workshops and concerts for anyone who wants to sing, has performed in over twenty countries.



Sharon Gal is a cross-disciplinary artist, performer and musician. Her practice involves vocal and electronics free improvisation, collaborative group and site specific performances, field recordings and radio broadcast.

She performs solo, and in regular collaborations with Steve Beresford, Steve Noble, Alex Ward, John Edwards, Dylan Nyoukis, Phil Minton & Feral Singers (and Choir). She has been conducting a series of collaborative group compositions ; L’ESPRIT D’ESCALIER – for voices in a staircase, LONG DRONE – for a large ensemble of various instruments, TOY ORCHESTRA – for children and adults and GALS with GUITARS – For female guitar players.

Sharon is a founder member of London’s arts radio, Resonance 104.4 FM and during its ten years of existence, has been presenting and producing various shows including the weekly; DIGGERS, with Edwin “Savage Pencil” Pouncey, and STEREO CILIA, an audio diary and city soundscape, tracing her travels in London, presenting its multiplicity of languages and urban sounds.

She has several audio releases: Ash International/ Paradigm records/ Chocolate Monk / Emanem / Ecstatic Yod, and the recent 7” vinyl, Melancoholic, for American Tapes Label.



David Toop is a musician, composer, author and a lecturer at the London College of Communication. He was a member of The Flying Lizards and a prominent contributor to The Face and The Wire Magazines. He has published five books, including Ocean of Sound, Haunted Weather, and Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener.

He released eight solo albums, including Screen Ceremonies, Black Chamber and Sound Body. And curated several exhibitions including; Sonic Boom at the Hayward Gallery, PlayingJohn Cage at Arnolfini, Bristol, and Blow Up at Flat-Time House, London. Musicians he has worked with include Brian Eno, John Zorn, Prince Far I, Jon Hassell, Derek Bailey, Talvin Singh, Evan Parker, David Cunningham, Scanner, Ivor Cutler, Akio Suzuki, Jin Hi Kim, Frank Chickens, Alasdair Roberts and Henry Grimes.

Having composed and written a 90-minute chamber opera, Star-shaped Biscuit, under the auspices of a Jerwood Foundation/Adeburgh Music fellowship, he is currently developing music-theatre works for live voice, HD video and digital sound. He is also researching and writing a new book – Into the Maelstrom: Improvised Music In Pursuit of Freedom.



Steve Beresford has played and composed a wide range of music on both pianos and electronics, from free improvisation to more commercial styles. Moving to London in 1974, he played in Derek Bailey’s Company, in the group Alterations with David Toop, Terry Day and Peter Cusack and in The Three Pullovers with Nigel Coombes and Roger Smith. Beresford has continued to play free improvisation with a large number of prominent musicians, including Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, John Zorn and Han Bennink. He has collaborated with Christian Marclay in various ways for many years, and he has a new CD on Emanem – Check For Monsters – with Peter Evans and Okkyung Lee.

Most recently, Steve has received the Paul Hamlyn Foundation composer award and has been performing in Christian Marclay’s new piece, Everyday.