FRIDAY 5th February 2010


Times : 8pm

Tickets : £10 Adv / £12 on the door / £18 two day pass


FEN [Otomo Yoshihide (Tokyo), Yuen Chee Wai (Singapore), Ryu Hankil (Seoul), Yan Jun (Beijing)]


FEN (Far East Network) is a new quartet that brings together some of East Asia’s key figures working in experimental music. All four players have made major contribution to the underground music scene of their home cities: Soul, Singapore, Beijing and Tokyo.


FEN played the first time when they were invited to the Mimi Festival, France 2008 since then FEN has performed in Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. This will be the quartets first appearance in the UK.


FEN’s real focus is to develop a network of musicians across East Asia’s cities and the hope that a new relationship will arise within and beyond their borders.


Otomo Yoshihide(el-g, TT, perc) Tokyo

Otomo Yoshihide was born on August 1, 1959 in Yokohama, Japan. He spent his teenage years in Fukushima, about 300 kilometers north of Tokyo. Influenced by his father, an engineer, Otomo began making electrical devices such as a radio and an electronic oscillator. In junior high school, his hobby was making sound collages using open-reel tape recorders. This was his first experience creating music. Soon after entering high school he formed a band which played rock and jazz, with Otomo on guitar. It wasn't long, however, before he became a free jazz aficionado, listening to artists like Ornette Coleman, Erick Dolphy and Derek Bailey; and hearing music, both on disk and at concerts, by Japanese free jazz artists. The musician who influenced him most at that time was alto sax player Kaoru Abe (two of whose concerts he went to hear) and guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi. For Otomo, this was a turning point--the point at which he decided to play free jazz....CLICK HERE FOR MORE







Yuen Chee Wai (piano,laptop) Singapore

Yuen Chee Wai is a designer, photographer and sound artist. As a sound artist, he has performed extensively locally and overseas. He has designed and composed sound for dance, film and TV / radio. His sound explorations take the drone / ambient / field recording approaches. Chee Wai’s strong interest in Philosophy and Cultural Studies often finds him incorporating textual ideas and concepts in his sound work, with themes like memory, loss and invisibility as main thought trajectories. Chee Wai also performs in the bands hellokittyriots and Light of the South. He is also a founding member of sporesac (Singapore Sonic Arts Collective), a collective of sound artists based in Singapore. He is an associate artist with The Substation. He has just completed and installed his latest sound / visual work with George Chua, The Fog Is Rising, at the Singapore Biennale 2006.





Ryu Hankil (inside inside clock) Seoul

Ryu Hankil was born in 1975 in Seoul, South Korea. He worked for about two years as a professional graphic designer. Hankil was a keyboard player in two famous Korean indie pop groups, but eventually left the groups because he was tired of typical music making and sounds. Then he started his own solo electro pop project, Daytripper, and released two solo albums, A Collector (2001) and Brownpaper (2004).

When he made Brownpaper, Hankil collaborated for the first time with the Korean noise / improvisation duo Astronoise. At that time, he saw a concert by Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Axel Dörner, and Taku Unami in Seoul. He changed his musical instrument and concentrated more and more on improvised music. Hankil has organized a monthly event called RELAY since 2005. He established his own publishing office called Manual, and releases improvised music and magazines.

Hankil uses clockworks as an instrument. He is interested in finding musical structures and so on in the vibration of objects. He focuses on using non-instruments—abandoned objects like old telephones and typewriters.







Yan Jun (electronics and voice) Beijing

Yan Jun works in the realm of sound and words. He was born in Lanzhou in 1973 and is now based in Beijing. Yan’s live performance engages space feedback, loop and voice/language to make hypnotic noise. He also does filed recordings and related sound art. Yan runs the label Sub Jam since 1998. In 2004 he co-founded KwanYin Records for experimental music and sound exploration. He also runs Waterland Kwanyin, a weekly event of experimental music and sound since 2005, and the annual festival Mini Midi. He has published five essay collections about Chinese new music and three poetry collections.